2023 SWAN Elections: Unveiling the Darkness Within – Issues Raised by Fred Edoreh

2023 SWAN Elections

The Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) is currently facing the threat of factionalization ahead of the 2023 elections. Fred Edoreh, former Chairman of Lagos SWAN, has raised concerns about the manipulation and unfair disqualification of members, which has led to a divided association under the leadership of Honour Sirawoo. In this article, we will be looking into the issues highlighted by Fred Edoreh and the need for inclusiveness, transparency, credibility, and accountability in the forthcoming SWAN elections.

  1. Manipulation of the Last Election: Edoreh points out that the previous election was marred by the manipulation of processes to exclude potential challengers to the presidency. Many bonafide members were unjustifiably and unfairly disqualified, leading to dissatisfaction and a sense of disenfranchisement among those affected.
  2. Division and Factionalization: The dissatisfaction with the leadership’s actions resulted in the emergence of factions at both the national and state levels. Some members believed that maintaining affiliation with the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) could provide a check on the authoritarian tendencies of the current SWAN president.
  3. Expectations for the Future: Edoreh emphasizes the importance of learning from past mistakes and conducting the forthcoming elections with inclusiveness, transparency, credibility, and accountability. As sports journalists and watchdogs of society, SWAN members should exemplify these values and set high standards for the association.
  4. Further Manipulation of the Election Process: Unfortunately, Edoreh expresses disappointment in the current SWAN leadership for driving the association deeper into darkness by manipulating the processes of the upcoming elections. Bonafide members, state chapter leaders, and even serving members of the National Executive Committee (NEC) have been disqualified, raising concerns about fairness and fairness.
  5. Contradictions and Unfair Disqualifications: Edoreh highlights the contradiction in disqualifying candidates while also expecting them to appeal their disqualification to the same body responsible for the disqualification. He specifically mentions the disqualification of the immediate past Chairman of Kano SWAN, Lurwunu Idris Milikawa, for not resigning as Media Officer of Kano Pillars FC 12 months before the election. Edoreh argues that such a requirement is not provided in the SWAN Statute and is therefore unjustifiable.
  6. The Importance of Members’ Engagement: Edoreh emphasizes that members’ engagement in various sports bodies is not only a testament of excellence but also aligns with SWAN’s aims and objectives. SWAN members have historically held positions in sports associations, contributing to the development and growth of sports in Nigeria. Restricting their engagement would limit their relevance and progress in the sports sector.
  7. Misuse of Power and Disregard for the Statute: Edoreh points out that the SWAN Electoral Committee (SWANECO) does not have the power to create new laws or guidelines outside the provisions of the SWAN Statute. The Statute clearly outlines the election administration and eligibility criteria, and any disqualification should strictly adhere to these provisions.


Fred Edoreh’s concerns about the forthcoming SWAN elections highlight the need for a fair and transparent process that upholds the principles and values of the association. SWAN must pull away from the darkness of manipulation and division, embracing inclusiveness, transparency, credibility, and accountability to rebuild its unity and protect its cherished heritage. It is crucial for true members and stakeholders to rally together and steer SWAN back on track for the betterment of sports journalism in Nigeria.

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