Osun State Deputy Governor Addresses Urgent Need for Sports Facility Rehabilitation

Osun State Deputy Governor

In a candid and forthright address to the press, the Deputy Governor of Osun State, Prince Kola Adewusi, who also serves as the Commissioner for Sports, shed light on the dire state of sports facilities in the state, with a particular focus on the Osogbo Township Stadium. The press conference, held at the Exco Lounge of the Governor’s Office in Abere, Osun State, on September 15, 2023, aimed to discuss the pressing issue of sports development in the state.

During the question and answer session, Prince Kola Adewusi did not mince words as he described the current condition of the Osogbo Township Stadium as an “eyesore.” He expressed deep concern about the stadium’s porous state and the security challenges it presented. He revealed that during a recent inspection, doors were found forcibly opened, and miscreants were even defecating inside the stadium’s offices.

Addressing the proposal brought forward by the Football Association chairman, the Deputy Governor made it abundantly clear that he had turned it down. He firmly stated, “I refuse to approve any money to be spent on the stadium for now.” He explained that in its current state, any investment in the stadium would be tantamount to a waste of resources.

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Prince Kola Adewusi elaborated on the reasons behind his decision, emphasizing the need for urgent security measures. He highlighted the lack of perimeter fencing for the entire stadium, making it susceptible to unauthorized access and vandalism. He noted that miscreants could freely enter the premises and engage in illicit activities, posing a severe risk to any investments made in the facility.

The Deputy Governor shared his action plan for the Osogbo Township Stadium, which includes the installation of a perimeter fence. He revealed that he had obtained quotations for the fencing project and was awaiting additional bids. Only after securing the stadium and ensuring its safety, according to Prince Kola Adewusi, would they proceed with investments and improvements.

He also addressed issues related to outstanding debts owed to contractors involved in the stadium’s construction and maintenance over the years. Prince Kola Adewusi acknowledged the need to negotiate and clear these outstanding bills before embarking on a comprehensive renovation and revitalization plan for the stadium.

In closing, Prince Kola Adewusi assured the public that his commitment to sports development in Osun State was unwavering. He emphasized the importance of a safe and functional sports facility and promised to work diligently to bring about the much-needed transformation of the Osogbo Township Stadium. The Deputy Governor’s proactive approach to addressing the challenges faced by the stadium underscores his dedication to fostering sports excellence in Osun State.