Appointment of Prince Kola Adewusi as Osun State Commissioner of Sports to Tackle Corruption

Prince Kola Adewusi Osun State Commissioner of Sports


In a move reminiscent of former Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari’s decision to personally oversee the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State has appointed his deputy, Prince Kola Adewusi, as the commissioner of sports. This decision aims to tackle the pervasive corruption and shady dealings that have plagued the sports sector in the state for many years. The appointment reflects a strong commitment by the government to sanitize and revitalize Osun State’s sports industry, which has long been stagnant due to systemic corruption. This article explores the significance of Prince Kola Adewusi’s appointment and its potential to cleanse the sports sector from its deeply rooted corruption.

The State of Osun’s Troubled Sports Sector

Over the years, the sports sector in Osun State has faced numerous challenges, impeding its growth and development. Despite the appointment of commissioners to oversee the sector, corruption has remained a persistent issue. The prevalence of corruption charges and irregularities has cast a shadow over the state’s sports activities.

Various instances of corruption have been exposed, underscoring the urgent need for intervention. For example, an article titled “Shady Deals, Corruption Allegations Rock Osun Sports Sector” published by The Punch Online on August 17, 2020, highlighted registration irregularities surrounding the state-owned clubs, Osun United and Osun Babes. Shockingly, Osun United was registered in the name of four individuals instead of the state government. The article further revealed how athletes on the state’s payroll were left with meager amounts to survive after being coerced into giving a significant portion of their monthly earnings to officials.

Another case that made headlines was reported by The Independent Newspaper on January 4, 2023, under the headline “N32m Scandal Rocks Osun Sports Council After National Sports Festival.” This scandal exposed an alleged fraud of N32 million within the Osun State Sports Council following the National Sports Festival in Asaba, Delta State. The discovery of this corruption aligned with Governor Ademola Adeleke’s anti-corruption agenda and his determination to rid the state of graft.

The Appointment of Prince Kola Adewusi as Commissioner of Sports

Against this backdrop of pervasive corruption and mismanagement, the appointment of Prince Kola Adewusi as the commissioner of sports in Osun State signals a renewed effort to address these issues head-on. As the State Deputy Governor, Prince Kola Adewusi brings a wealth of experience, integrity, and determination to his new role. Known for his courageous and humble disposition, he is regarded as a man of destiny.

Prince Kola Adewusi’s appointment is a significant step in the right direction for Osun State’s sports sector. It demonstrates the government’s commitment to closely monitoring the industry and eradicating corruption. With his remarkable attributes and personal qualities, Prince Kola Adewusi is well-positioned to spearhead the fight against corruption in the sports sector. His leadership and dedication will play a vital role in the revival and rejuvenation of Osun State’s sports industry.


The appointment of Prince Kola Adewusi as the commissioner of sports in Osun State is a decisive move aimed at addressing the long-standing corruption and shady practices that have hindered the sector’s progress. By taking this bold step, the government shows its determination to sanitize and revitalize the sports industry. Prince Kola Adewusi’s appointment brings hope and optimism for sports lovers in Osun State, as it signifies a concerted effort to rid the sector of corrupt individuals and restore its integrity.

With the new commissioner at the helm, there is a genuine belief that Osun State’s sports sector, particularly football, will rise again. The government’s commitment, coupled with Prince Kola Adewusi’s leadership and the support of sports enthusiasts, will pave the way for a brighter future. As corruption is rooted out, the sector can become a platform for talent development, sporting excellence, and community engagement.

Congratulations are in order for sports lovers in Osun State, as this appointment marks the first step in a transformative journey toward a corruption-free and thriving sports sector. Together, with unwavering determination, Osun State can reclaim its place as a beacon of sporting achievement and set a positive example for the nation.

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