Kamal FC Announces Hadobridge Multi-Purpose and Vantage Edge as Shirt Sponsors

Kamal Football Club, Osogbo have announced new sponsorship agreement with Hadobridge Multi-Purpose and Vantage Edge.

Kamal Football Club Osogbo
Kamal Football Club Osogbo

According to a statement released by the club via their various media outlets, Hadobridge Multi-Purpose and Vantage Edge, key players in the oil, gas, and car dealership sectors will fill in the front space of their branded jerseys for the next two years.

Hadobridge Multi-Purpose

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The club statement reads;

“Kamal FC is proud to announce a new milestone: Hadobridge Multi-Purpose and Vantage Edge, key players in oil, gas, and car dealerships, will sponsor our branded jerseys for the next two years! We are deeply grateful to the CEO of Hadobridge Multi-Purpose, Olasupo Elias, and CEO of Vantage Edge, Alhaji Lateef, for this incredible support. This partnership is a huge boost for our team and a testament to our potential. Thank you for your continued support!”

Kamal Football Club, situated in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria, is a professional football club and academy chaired by the CEO of Kamal FC himself, Alhaji Mohammed Bashir Kamal, who has been attracting interest and sponsors to the team. The team is committed to nurturing young talents and providing a positive outlet for the youth in the community.