FutballNaija spotlights Osun’s Senior Special Adviser on Culture and Sport Iyiola Sefiu Babatunde “Shef”

Iyiola Sefiu Babatunde

In the vibrant tapestry of Osun State’s sports landscape, one figure stands out as a beacon of passion, dedication, and unwavering support for athletics – Iyiola Sefiu Babatunde, also known as “Shef.”

Currently serving as the Senior Special Adviser to the Osun State Government on Culture and Sport, Shef’s journey through the sports industry spans over two decades, leaving an indelible mark on the local and national level.

A retired Taekwondo master, Shef’s impact in the sports arena extends beyond his administrative role. During his active days, he competed fiercely at the state, regional, and national levels, earning the prestigious title of a black belt holder for many years. His prowess in Taekwondo made him a formidable force in Nigeria’s sports scene.

As the former Chairman of the Osun State Taekwondo Association, Shef showcased not only his athletic prowess but also his philanthropic nature. His influence wasn’t confined to Taekwondo; he actively promoted and supported various sports within the state.

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Under the administration of His Excellency Senator Ademola Adeleke, Shef became the go-to person for the sports industry’s financial needs. His ability to navigate and secure necessary support for Osun state contingents to national competitions solidified his reputation as a sports lover and a dedicated promoter in the state.

Iyiola Sefiu Babatunde

Beyond his administrative duties, Shef wears his passion for football proudly and is an ardent supporter of Osun United Football Club. His recent presence at the Osogbo Township Stadium during Osun United’s 1-1 draw against Gateway United FC attests to his unwavering support. His visit to the Osun United football club’s Secretariat, where he was warmly welcomed by Alhaji Rafiu Abimbola ‘RISKI,’ the Community Relation Manager, underscores his commitment to the local football scene.

Shef’s dedication goes beyond the spectator’s role. After the match, he took a comprehensive tour of the stadium facilities, identifying areas that urgently require government intervention for development. Promising to convey his findings to the government, Shef expressed optimism that, with divine guidance, the Osun Sports Industry will receive the attention it rightfully deserves.

In the dynamic world of sports, Shef stands as a pillar of support, a bridge between government resources and the aspirations of Osun’s athletic talents. His commitment to the cause ensures that the sports legacy of Osun State continues to thrive and evolve.