Osogbo Township Stadium: A Race Against Time for Upgrades Before the Nigerian National League Kicks Off

Osogbo Township Stadium,

Sports have always played a significant role in shaping a society, fostering unity, and developing talents. In Osogbo, Osun State, football enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the Nigerian National League (NNL), which is just a few weeks away. However, their excitement is dampened by the deplorable state of the Osogbo Township Stadium, the designated host stadium for the State team, Osun United Football Club.

The stadium urgently requires substantial upgrades and repair works before it can be certified to host the Nigerian National League (NNL).

During one of his addresses to the press, Mr. Emmanuel Adesanya, the Chief Operating Officer of the Nigerian National League, emphatically declared that any stadium failing to meet the minimum requirements to host games would face a ban.

For the aforementioned reason, I’m using this post to shed more light on the current state of the stadium and call for the State Government to act fast before it’s too late.

History of Previous Bans

It is disheartening to note that the Osogbo Township Stadium has been banned in the past from hosting both the Nigerian Women Football League (NWFL) and the Nigerian National League (NNL) games due to its failure to meet the minimum requirements. The consequences were significant, as home matches for the Osun Babes Football Club during the 2021/2022 NWFL Premiership Season were forced to be played at the Lanre Leke Stadium in Ile-Ogbo, while Osun United had to seek an alternative stadium in Ile Ife.

Osogbo Township Stadium

This situation was a major disappointment for sports enthusiasts in the state, who felt that Osun should have a standard stadium, considering the state’s involvement in sports and the numerous budding talents it has produced.

The Recent Visit of the Deputy Governor

In response to mounting concerns, the Deputy Governor of Osun State, Prince Kola Adewusi, who also serves as the Commissioner for Sports, recently visited the Osogbo Township Stadium. He personally witnessed the dire condition of the stadium and vowed to commence repairs promptly.

During his visit, the main problem of the stadium was highlighted, particularly the state of the pitch. Furthermore, it was revealed that instead of being utilized for sporting events, the stadium’s main bowl was often occupied by political, cultural, and religious events. To address this issue, the deputy governor pledged to construct a separate training pitch to accommodate non-sporting events.

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Urgent Repairs Needed

Osogbo Township Stadium

The stadium requires complete remodeling and reconstruction. One of the glaring issues brought to light during the stadium tour by the deputy is the bad state of the football pitch. Other stadium facilities were also mentioned and marked for repairs. Another area that I must mention here is the lack of functional toilets. It is unacceptable for a stadium of this magnitude to lack basic amenities for players, officials, and spectators. Urgent repairs are essential not only for the upcoming NNL but for other sporting activities in the state. The success of the team and the promotion of sports in the state depend heavily on the availability of a well-maintained and modern stadium.

A Call to Action

As a sports and football enthusiast, I applaud the state government for appointing a sports-loving commissioner, which brings hope for positive change in the sports sector. However, we must remember that talk alone cannot bring about the necessary development. It is time for action, and the state government must act swiftly to renovate and upgrade the Osogbo Township Stadium to meet the minimum requirements set by the NNL Chief Operating Officer. Failure to do so could result in severe consequences, including the banning of the stadium from hosting league games, which would be a devastating blow to the sports community in Osun State.

Regarding the Osun United Nationwide League One (NLO) Play Offs

Regarding the forthcoming Osun United Nationwide League One (NLO) Play Offs, there is a matter of utmost importance that requires attention. I earnestly call upon the state government to swiftly address the funding issues faced by Osun United Football Club. As the NLO Play Offs draw near, I seize this opportunity to implore the government to extend unwavering support to the club’s management. In the past, we have faced funding challenges during previous administrations, and I hold optimistic expectations that the current administration will adopt a different approach. Providing essential financial backing is of paramount significance to ensure the club’s triumph in the upcoming tournament.


Sports have the power to unite people, inspire greatness, and build a sense of pride in one’s community. In Osun State, the Osogbo Township Stadium represents a crucial asset that can foster sporting excellence and promote the development of talented athletes. As the Nigerian National League approaches, it is imperative that the state government takes immediate action to address the stadium’s pressing issues. Let us all join hands and call upon the government to act swiftly and decisively to make the necessary upgrades and repairs. Only with collective efforts can we ensure that Osun State has a stadium worthy of its sports-loving populace and the rich talent it produces. The time to act is now; the success of our sports teams and the growth of the sporting community depend on it.