Osun State Set to Establish Sports Commission for Holistic Sports Development

Sports Commission

In a bid to address the multifaceted challenges facing the sports industry in Osun State, the Deputy Governor of Osun State, Prince Kola Adewusi, who also serves as the Commissioner for Sports, has announced the imminent inauguration of a Sports Commission. This groundbreaking development was disclosed during a press conference held at the Exco Lounge of the Governor’s Office in Abere, Osun State, on September 15, 2023.

Prince Kola Adewusi expressed deep concern about the prevailing emphasis on football at the expense of other sports disciplines in the state. He emphasized the need to recognize and support the value of all sports and athletes across various fields of play.

Addressing the gathering, His Excellency, Prince Kola Adewusi, stated that a committee would be inaugurated before the end of the month. This committee will be tasked with the establishment of the Osun State Sports Commission and comprises distinguished members renowned for their expertise and commitment to sports development. Notable figures like Felix Owolabi, hailing from Osun State, and Chief Ademola Adeshina are among the esteemed committee members.

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The primary objective of the Sports Commission will be to identify and implement lasting solutions to the challenges currently affecting the sports industry in Osun State. Prince Kola Adewusi stressed that the challenges extend beyond football and encompass all sports disciplines.

While acknowledging the significance of soccer, the Deputy Governor urged a shift in focus to ensure a balanced approach to sports development. He highlighted the presence of untapped potential in sports such as swimming, where Osun State could secure multiple gold medals. Prince Kola Adewusi emphasized that the state’s sports portfolio should encompass a diverse range of disciplines, thereby providing opportunities for athletes across various sports.

One major issue that the Sports Commission intends to address is the absence of an indoor sports hall, a vital facility for various indoor sports activities. The establishment of the commission will pave the way for the creation of the Osun Sports Trust Fund, seen as a critical step to secure funding for sports development beyond government allocations.

The Deputy Governor emphasized that sports should not merely be a drain on government resources but a potential avenue for revenue generation. With the right strategies and focused investments in sports development, Osun State can recoup a significant portion of its investment in sports, potentially up to 30%.

The announcement of the forthcoming Sports Commission marks a significant step toward holistic sports development in Osun State, promising a more inclusive and diversified approach to nurturing sporting talent and fostering a thriving sports ecosystem. As the committee gets to work, sports enthusiasts and stakeholders eagerly await the positive changes this initiative will bring to the sports landscape in Osun State.