What Colleges Have Women’s Flag Football?

What Colleges Have Women's Flag Football?


In the world of college sports, football has long been hailed as a quintessential American game. Traditionally dominated by men, the landscape of college athletics has been evolving, opening up new opportunities for female athletes. One such exciting development is the rise of women’s flag football in SCHOOLS. This empowering and fast-paced sport is gaining momentum across the nation, providing women with opportunities to showcase their talent and passion for the game. In this blog post, we’ll explore the colleges that have embraced women’s flag football, promoting gender equality and diversity in the realm of sports.

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)

The NAIA has been at the forefront of promoting women’s flag football as an emerging sport. In 2020, it hosted its first-ever Women’s Flag Football Invitational, featuring teams from various colleges. The success and enthusiasm generated by this event led the NAIA to officially add women’s flag football as an invitational sport for the 2021-2022 academic year. Several colleges affiliated with the NAIA have since introduced women’s flag football teams, providing female athletes with exciting opportunities to compete at the collegiate level.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)

HBCUs have played a significant role in fostering diversity and equality in education, and now they are leading the charge in promoting gender equality in sports. A number of HBCUs have introduced women’s flag football as part of their athletic programs, creating spaces where female athletes can thrive. These institutions are dedicated to promoting inclusivity, and women’s flag football has become a symbol of progress and change on their campuses.

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Independent Colleges and Universities

In addition to the NAIA and HBCUs, several independent colleges and universities have stepped up to support women’s flag football. These institutions recognize the importance of offering diverse sports options for all their students, irrespective of gender. By doing so, they are paving the way for future generations of female athletes, proving that there’s no limit to what women can achieve in the realm of sports.

Community Colleges

Community colleges have also joined the movement to promote women’s flag football. These institutions offer a more accessible pathway for aspiring athletes who want to pursue their passion for the sport while getting an education. As women’s flag football continues to grow in popularity, community colleges serve as a breeding ground for talent, nurturing young athletes and preparing them for higher levels of competition.

Notable Colleges with Women’s Flag Football Programs

  1. Thomas University (Georgia)
  2. Cottey College (Missouri)
  3. Florida Memorial University (Florida)
  4. Kansas Wesleyan University (Kansas)
  5. Keiser University (Florida)
  6. La Sierra University (California)
  7. Midland University (Nebraska)
  8. Milligan College (Tennessee)
  9. Ottawa University (Wisconsin)
  10. Reinhardt University (Georgia)
  11. St. Thomas University (Minnesota)
  12. Tougaloo College (Mississippi)
  13. University of Saint Mary (Kansas)
  14. Warner University (Florida)
  15. Webber International University (Florida)
  16. Xavier University of Louisiana (Louisiana)


The inclusion of women’s flag football in college athletics represents a significant step forward in the journey towards gender equality in sports. These colleges are breaking barriers and creating opportunities for women to participate in a sport traditionally dominated by men. As more and more institutions embrace women’s flag football, it sends a powerful message of empowerment and inclusivity.

So, if you are a young woman with a passion for football and dreams of playing at the college level, know that there are colleges out there that have opened their doors to women’s flag football. Embrace the sport, challenge yourself, and be a part of this exciting movement towards empowerment and equality in sports. Women’s flag football is not just a game; it’s a powerful symbol of progress and change in the world of college athletics.