Joshua Adamu, COO of Alansmith Nig Ltd Shed Light on the Remarkable Durability and Quality of FC Ebeide’s Pitch

Alansmith Nig Ltd

Alansmith Nig Ltd is a FIFA and CAF-certified synthetic pitch installation firm, renowned for its exceptional sports surfaces and landscaping services using synthetic materials like Tartan, Rubber interlocks, and artificial grass. The company’s stellar reputation was further solidified when they constructed the illustrious FC Ebeide stadium pitch about three years ago.

Alansmith Nig Ltd

In a recent interview with Family United by Football (FUBF), a prominent football WhatsApp platform in Nigeria, Joshua Adamu, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the group, shed light on the remarkable durability and quality of the FC Ebeide stadium pitch.

Alansmith Nig Ltd

Joshua Adamu attributed the pitch’s longevity and pristine condition to the uncompromising commitment to quality and the use of expert craftsmanship during its construction. He highlighted several key features that set FC Ebeide stadium apart, including its innovative French drain system, which ensures that all drainage is underground, eliminating the need for open drains on the pitch.

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“Its 3 years and counting and FC Ebeide is still looking new because quality was not compromised,” Adamu said.

Alansmith Nig Ltd

Continuing, he said, “expert were used, and interestingly I can tell you that FC Ebeide stadium is about the only pitch in Nigeria presently running fully on French drain, you don’t see any open drainage on the pitch. All drainages are underground.”

Furthermore, Adamu reiterated that the pitch boasts full shock pads, rather than underlay shock pads, providing an additional cushioning effect that enhances player safety, especially around the ankle area.  “The pitch is one of the few pitches in Nigeria on full shock pads not underlay shock pads, so that gives extra cushion effect on even the players’ ankle and even when they fall.”

This attention to detail has not gone unnoticed, as Adamu noted that the pitch has garnered praise from visiting expatriates and scouts for its top-notch quality. He said, “Interestingly, after 3 years and FC Ebeide looking that way, their expatriates and scouts that have been coming there have commended it.”

Encouraged by the success of the FC Ebeide pitch, Adamu said Alansmith Nig Ltd is set to embark on a new project to construct a second pitch of the same quality and even better aesthetics. “By the grace of God, this year, FC Ebeide will be having a second pitch of the same quality and better new look.”

“They say the reward for good work is more work,” concluded Mr. Adamu. “So we are proudly associated with that pitch; it’s one of our flag bearers. It’s just simple quality and no compromise on the work done.”