“If i were Chelsea Manager, my first signing would be …” – Ngolo Kante

Ngolo Kante

Footballing star Ngolo Kante recently engaged in an exclusive interview with Football First on The 5th Stand app, discussing a range of intriguing topics from his childhood. During the interview, Kante disclosed that if he were in charge of Chelsea, he would choose to sign John Terry.

In this exclusive feature on the app, Kante reminisced about his upbringing in France, revealing his preferred football shirt from his childhood, his first nickname, and his earliest memory of playing football.

On the topic of his first hero, Kante expressed his admiration for the entire French National team that won the World Cup in 1998, rather than singling out a specific player.

Ngolo Kante

Kante also shared that his brother passed down a Brazilian jersey to him, with Ronaldo’s name printed on the back. Additionally, he reminisced about his first pair of boots, a brand called ‘kipsta’.

Ngolo Kante
Brazilian jersey given to Ngolo Kante by his brother.

Recalling his first footballing memory, Kante fondly recalled playing with his older brother and his friends, even though they were older than him.

When discussing his early football career, Kante mentioned playing for JS Suresnes, a team located just outside Paris.

He also mentioned winning a trophy at the age of 12, although he couldn’t recall the specific tournament’s name. The experience left him feeling ecstatic and proud of his contribution to his team.

Ngolo Kante

Kante’s first nickname, NG, has stuck with him throughout his life.

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Regarding his first live match, Kante vaguely remembered attending a game between France and Sweden when he was 16 years old, although the details escaped him.

Reflecting on his time at Chelsea, Kante revealed his pride and happiness upon signing for the club, eagerly anticipating the challenges that lay ahead.

Lastly, when asked about the first player he would sign for Chelsea, either currently playing or retired, if he were the manager, Kante emphatically chose John Terry.

Ngolo Kante

Kante recognized Terry’s significance as a figurehead of the club and his deep understanding of what it means to be part of Chelsea. He had admired Terry since he was young, acknowledging the tremendous contributions he made to the club.

In this insightful interview, Ngolo Kante provided fans with a glimpse into his personal journey and revealed his deep admiration for John Terry as a player and leader at Chelsea.