FULL TEXT: Osun FA Chairman, Sola Fanawopo’s Speech at 2023 FUBF Day

Osun FA Chairman, Sola Fanawopo on Saturday, December 16, 2023, during the 2023 FUBF Day, delivered a lecture on the topic “Safeguarding Grassroots Players, Opportunities and Challenges.” Read Full Text Below: CONTENTS What does safeguarding mean in football? Safeguarding in football is the process of protecting children and adults from harm by providing a safe…

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Family United By Football

Everything You Need to Know about “Family United By Football” (FUBF): The Largest Sports WhatsApp Group in Nigeria

Introduction In the world of sports, especially football, connectivity and shared passion are crucial. Enter “Family United By Football” (FUBF), the largest sports WhatsApp group in Nigeria. FUBF has established itself as a dynamic community, bringing together sports enthusiasts, professionals, and key stakeholders from both Osun State and Nigeria. This article aims to shed light…

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