Everything You Need to Know about “Family United By Football” (FUBF): The Largest Sports WhatsApp Group in Nigeria

Family United By Football


In the world of sports, especially football, connectivity and shared passion are crucial. Enter “Family United By Football” (FUBF), the largest sports WhatsApp group in Nigeria. FUBF has established itself as a dynamic community, bringing together sports enthusiasts, professionals, and key stakeholders from both Osun State and Nigeria.

This article aims to shed light on FUBF, its vision, notable figures, and its commitment to fostering meaningful discussions and connections within the world of football.

The Vision and Founder

Family United By Football
Tunde Shamsudeen (Standing) the visionary and Grand Commander behind Family United By Football.

Tunde Shamsudeen, a renowned sports journalist and football administrator, is the visionary and Grand Commander behind FUBF. With a deep understanding of the sports industry, Shamsudeen saw the need for a platform where individuals could connect, exchange ideas, and engage in football-related discussions. Thus, FUBF was created with the slogan “FUBF: UNITED VOICE.”

Who Are They?

Family United By Football
Cross section of Family United By Football members during the FUBF DAY 2022 Lecture.

FUBF has garnered attention and generated curiosity over its close to five-year existence. Some have labeled the group as political dogs, critics, or antagonists. However, FUBF distinguishes itself through the caliber of its members and the integrity they uphold. The group comprises a diverse range of individuals associated with football, including international and national coaches, grassroots coaches, football players, analysts, pundits, journalists, club owners, scouts, ex-internationals, and many others. The quality and diversity of members within FUBF sets it apart from other sports groups.

What They Stand For

Standing in the middle; Projects & Communications Coordinator of the Spanish La Liga in Nigeria, Ayodeji Adegbenro.

FUBF prides itself on its commitment to transparency and honest discussions. The group tackles issues rather than attacking personalities, emphasizes constructive criticism, and promotes accountability. Members freely express their opinions, even if they disagree, with the shared goal of finding the truth and progress. The ability to have open and frank conversations within FUBF fosters an environment conducive to growth and development.

Motivations, Drive, and Push

Family United By Football
Founder, Tunde Shamsudeen being decorated by members of the noble platform in recognition of his contribution to the development of football in the State of Osun and Nigeria at large.

The success stories of senior FUBF members serve as a driving force for others within the group. Witnessing the accomplishments of fellow members motivates individuals to believe in the possibility of their own success. Many FUBF members have pursued coaching certifications, inspired by the achievements of coaches on the platform. The mentoring, role modeling, and motivation provided by experienced coaches within FUBF have played a significant role in the progress of its members. The encouragement and innovative approaches of Tunde Shamsudeen, such as naming categories of coaches and grassroots names, inspire individuals to reach higher levels in their football careers.

Former El-Kanemi Warriors and Sunshine Stars goalkeeper, Ayo Ojo, during FUBF DAY.

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FUBF Platform boasts several prominent figures in the world of football. Among them are professional football players who compete both in Nigeria and abroad, esteemed Football Association officials at the state and national levels, former international players who have represented the Nigerian National team, as well as club owners and other football stakeholders.

Family United By Football
Assistant Coach of Osun United FC, Olapade Waheed popularly called “Omo Oba” and Olatunji Baruwa, Goalkeepers’ Coach for the Nigerian Super Eagles.

Notable individuals associated with FUBF Platform include Olatunji Baruwa, recently appointed as the Goalkeepers’ Coach for the Nigerian Super Eagles; Coach Ayodeji Ayeni Alexander, a Nigerian football coach and former player who currently serves as the head coach of Nigeria Professional Football League’s Akwa United; Coach Gbenga Ogunbote, renowned as the “Oracle” for his coaching accomplishments with Sunshine Stars; Tosin Omoyele, a Nigerian professional player active in international leagues; Julius Agahowa, a former Super Eagles Striker; and Jide Fatokun, a creative midfielder for Kwara United, to name a few.

Progress and Unity

Family United By Football
Sports Journalist and Osun United Media Officer; Seyi Akanni, Tunde Shamsudeen and Upcoming Referee Aboki.

FUBF’s focus on progress is evident in its continuous growth and the achievements of its members. The group thrives on unity, understanding that it is a driving force behind meaningful progress. And by maintaining a united front, FUBF aims to foster a fraternity of highly esteemed individuals within the sports community, benefiting all members.


“Family United By Football” (FUBF) has emerged as the largest sports WhatsApp group in Nigeria, creating a space for football enthusiasts, professionals, and stakeholders to connect and engage. Under the leadership of Tunde Shamsudeen, FUBF has cultivated an environment of openness, constructive criticism, and progress. With its diverse membership and commitment to unity, FUBF is poised to continue its trajectory of growth and become an even more influential force within the Nigerian sports landscape.