About Sola Fanawopo, The New Chairman of the Osun State Football Association

Chairman of the Osun State Football Association

Sola Fanawopo: The New Chairman of the Osun State Football Association and a Champion of Community Development and Grassroots Sports.

Mr. Sola Fanawopo is a distinguished individual known for his expertise as a chartered public administrator and his unwavering commitment to community development. With a deep passion for sports, particularly football, Mr. Fanawopo has been instrumental in promoting grassroots sports initiatives and fostering a culture of sporting excellence in Osun State, Nigeria.

Currently serving as the Chairman of the Boluwaduro Local Football Council, Mr. Fanawopo has made it his mission to prioritize the advancement of grassroots football. Recognizing the pivotal role of football stakeholders, including coaches, administrators, and media officers, he has spearheaded training and exposure programs to enhance their skills and knowledge. Additionally, Mr. Fanawopo has championed the development of primary and secondary school coaches, ensuring a strong foundation for young footballers.

Chairman of the Osun State Football Association
Osun Football Association.

One of Mr. Fanawopo’s notable achievements is the establishment of the Igbajo Sports Commission, Africa’s only grassroots sports commission. Through this visionary initiative, he founded the Igbajo United Football Club, a groundbreaking community-owned team that boasts male and female squads, as well as Under-10 and Under-16 development teams. As an affiliated member of both the Osun Football Association and the Nigerian Football Federation, Igbajo United FC serves as a model for community-based sports ventures across the nation.

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In addition to his contributions to football, Mr. Fanawopo has extended his passion for sports to other disciplines within the community. Under his leadership, the Igbajo Sports Commission has birthed the Tunde Fagbenle Table Tennis Club (TUFAT), the Ben Niran Olatilo Martial Arts Academy (BEMAA), and the Yomi Odetola Chess Academy (YOCA). These institutions not only cultivate talent but also promote the holistic development of individuals through the power of sports.

Beyond his involvement in sports administration, Mr. Fanawopo is an accomplished media entrepreneur and fintech enthusiast. Leveraging his diverse skill set, he has sought to empower club owners in Osun State by providing them with technical assistance through strategic partnerships with law firms, brand management companies, and professional marketing agencies. By offering affordable support in areas such as governance, company formation and registration, employment law, contracts, branding, marketing, dispute resolution, and intellectual property issues, Mr. Fanawopo aims to ensure the success and sustainability of local clubs.

As the newly elected Chairman of the Osun State Football Association, Mr. Sola Fanawopo will no doubt leave an indelible mark on the sports landscape of the State. Through his visionary leadership, commitment to community development, and dedication to promoting grassroots football, he will foster an environment where talent thrives, dreams are realized, and sports unites communities. Mr. Fanawopo’s legacy will undoubtedly inspire generations of athletes and administrators alike, leaving an enduring impact on the world of sports in Osun State.