How Do I Get 2023 Women’s World Cup Tickets?

How Do I Get 2023 Women's World Cup Tickets?

The excitement is building as the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ approaches, and you don’t want to miss out on the action. Here’s a guide on how to secure your tickets for this prestigious tournament.

Check the Availability

Single Match Passes for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ are available for purchase. The latest release of Single Match Passes is open to the general public, allowing you to secure tickets to matches of your choice (subject to availability). With all 32 teams confirmed, you can consult the full Match Schedule to identify the games you wish to attend.

Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies

Before accessing the ticketing portals, it’s recommended to clear your browser’s cache and cookies. Ensure that you select “All time” as the time range during the clearing process. This step helps ensure a smooth purchasing experience.

Purchase Options

During the Last-Minute Sales Phase, Single Match Passes are available for all fans. These passes provide access to specific matches throughout the tournament, including knockout games (subject to availability). They come in three price categories, with both Adult and Child pricing options (subject to availability). Accessibility tickets are also available for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility.

Ticket Limits and Restrictions

For the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™, you can purchase up to ten (10) tickets per match and a maximum of one hundred (100) tickets across the entire competition. However, there is a household restriction of ten (10) tickets per match. If multiple individuals purchase tickets from the same postal address indicated in their ticketing account, they can collectively purchase only ten (10) tickets per match. Note that FIFA Ticketing does not allow tickets to be purchased for multiple matches on the same day.

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How much is a FIFA ticket for 2023?

Ticket prices for Single Match Passes are set based on the Last Minute Sales Phase, which commenced on April 11, 2023. These prices include applicable taxes. Please keep in mind that the provided prices are rounded for convenience and reference purposes. It’s crucial to confirm the exact price before finalizing your ticket purchases. Tickets will be sold in local currencies, with Australian Dollars (AUD) for purchases in Australia, New Zealand Dollars (NZD) for purchases in Aotearoa New Zealand, and Australian Dollars (AUD) for international fans.

Below are the tables for price list for your perusal;

How Do I Get 2023 Women's World Cup Tickets?
How Do I Get 2023 Women's World Cup Tickets?

General Information

It’s essential to be aware of the ticketing terms and guidelines. Obstructed view tickets may have up to 50% of the pitch obstructed, but clean glass installations in front of seats are not considered obstructions. Accessibility Tickets are reserved for individuals with disabilities and limited mobility. Please purchase these tickets only if you genuinely require them, as quantities are limited. FIFA Ticketing strictly enforces the sales process, and any misrepresentation or circumvention may lead to ticket rejections or cancellations.

Purchase Options

To buy tickets based on your residency, please visit the respective ticket purchase links below:

Stay tuned and ensure you have opted in for FIFA emails in your Account Settings/Profile to receive updates on ticket availability and any additional releases.

Get ready to witness the extraordinary talent on display at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the thrilling atmosphere and support your favorite teams. Grab your tickets and get ready for an unforgettable football experience!

What is the prize money for the Women’s World Cup 2023?

The prize money for the Women’s World Cup 2023 has been significantly increased compared to previous editions. FIFA announced that the total prize money for the tournament will be $150 million, which is more than triple the amount awarded in the 2019 Women’s World Cup ($30 million). This represents a remarkable 300% increase in prize money.

Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA, shared this news during the FIFA Congress. He stated that the prize money for the 2023 Women’s World Cup is set at $150 million, reflecting a considerable boost from the previous edition.

Furthermore, Infantino expressed his desire for pay parity between the men’s and women’s World Cups by the 2026/2027 tournaments. However, he acknowledged that achieving this goal largely depends on broadcasters and sponsors stepping up their support.

The substantial jump in the prize money pool, from $30 million in the last World Cup to $150 million in the upcoming tournament, is a testament to FIFA’s commitment to promoting gender equality and recognition of the incredible talent and dedication displayed by women in football.