Here’s How to Follow The Super Falcons Journey During The 2023 World Cup

How to Follow The Super Falcons

How to Follow The Super Falcons

Attention, Nigerians!  Our Super Falcons have officially kicked off their 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup campaign, and the time has come to gather together, celebrate, and cheer for our incredible Super Falcons as they embark on their World Cup journey.

For the first time ever, the Women’s World Cup will be held in two countries: Australia and New Zealand. We understand that Nigerians are very passionate and that we like to support our teams at stadiums and make our presence known, but a flight from Nigeria to Australia takes over 15 hours, and a flight from Nigeria to New Zealand takes over 19 hours, making it a long and difficult journey.  But wait, there’s something exciting you need to know about, and it’s The MTN Super Falcons Show! Where you can follow our beloved super stars’ World Cup journey from the comfort of your own home. .

The Super Falcons Show takes you behind the scenes of the team’s training sessions, pre-match rituals, and post-game celebrations, giving you unprecedented access. You’ll also get to see the solidarity, dedication, and hard work that go into each match. It’s an opportunity to see your favourite players in action and gain a better understanding of the team’s behaviour.

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The show doesn’t just focus on on-field action; it also brings you expert analysis from well-known football pundits. You’ll learn about the team’s strategy, player profiles, and tactical moves. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual viewer, this will help you understand the game and appreciate the Super Falcons even more.

The Super Falcons Show extends beyond the game. It features interviews with players, coaches, and support staff, providing insight into their personal lives, goals, and challenges. You’ll see the athletes’ unwavering dedication and sacrifices to represent our great country. Their stories will inspire you and make you feel like you’re right there in Australia and New Zealand.  The Super Falcons show is about inspiring the next generation of football players, not just entertaining them. When the young generation sees our incredible women’s team in action, it ignites their dreams and passion.

The MTN Super Falcons show was created by MTN Nigeria, the official communications partner of the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF), to showcase and celebrate the exploits of Women’s football in Nigeria. If you’ve been wondering how to keep up with the latest developments from the Super Falcons camp, this show is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of our national heroes and keep up with all the action, both on and off the pitch.

So, dear Nigerian football fans, mark your calendars, set your reminders, and keep an eye out for the Super Falcons Show. Don’t miss an episode, and keep your spirits up as our beloved team competes against the best in the world.