New NLO Board Inaugural Meeting: Resolutions and Communique

New NLO Board


  1. The board thanked the leadership of the Nigeria Football Federation headed by President Alhaji Ibrahim Gusau for giving them the opportunity to serve on the Board of the Nationwide League one.
  2. The Board thanked all the staff and promised that their welfare will be addressed and well taken care of in due cause to ensure prompt and efficient job delivery.
  3. The Board sets up a 3 man committee to look into the registration, insurance and Medicals of Players for better participation, enhanced coverage, service delivery and other issues related to the league.
  4. The Financial Reports were presented by the COO and were unanimously approved by the board. The board commended the financial team for maintaining transparency and accountability in managing NLO’s finances.
  5. Updates on ongoing NLO Projects and Sponsorship Initiatives were presented by C.O.O The board expressed satisfaction with the progress made and encouraged prompt completion of pending projects.
  6. The board discussed strategies for increasing NLO Participation and membership and enhancing member benefits. It was agreed to launch a targeted membership drive campaign and introduce exclusive benefits for members, such as access to workshops, training programs, and networking opportunities.
  7. The underlisted sub committees were set up inline with the NLO statutes i.e
  • Rules and review / Organizing and disciplinary committee Headed by the Vice Chairman Mr Adepeju Adeoye.
  • Sponsorship, Media and finance Committee Headed by Alh Hassan Garo.

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This is to further strengthen the day-to-day operation of the NLO.

  1. The board emphasized the importance of working together with NFF / NLO for a successful and impactful collaboration among members to explore partnerships with other organizations to broaden NLO’s reach.
  2. The board approved the Super League coming up in the Owerri Imo State in September
  3. The board appreciates the support NLO enjoys from the Media in helping to inform the world on activities of the NLO.


The first NLO Board Meeting concluded on a positive note, with a sense of unity and commitment among the board members to drive NLO’s vision and mission forward. The board expressed its gratitude to the Chairman and all members for their active participation and valuable contributions.