Exclusive Interview with Osun United Head Coach Seye Ajayi: Addressing Concerns over Player Turnout at Screening Exercise

Coach Seye Ajayi

In a candid conversation with Osun United’s esteemed head coach, Seye Ajayi, we delved into the team’s recent open screening exercise and the concerns voiced by fans regarding the substantial number of players in attendance. With the impending Nigeria National League (NNL) season on the horizon, Coach Seye Ajayi assured us that the club’s strategies are well in place to ensure a successful campaign.

Fan Concerns Addressed:

In the light of the sizeable turnout of players at Osun United’s open screening exercise, concerns have been raised by fans, stakeholders, and football enthusiasts alike. These concerns were further compounded when it was revealed that the club would retain over 20 players from the previous season’s triumphant journey from the Nationwide League One (NLO) to the Nigerian National League (NNL). The sheer volume of players seeking entry into the squad prompted apprehensions that this could place undue pressure on the coaching staff and impact the team’s readiness for the upcoming season.

Coach Seye’s Reassurance:

Coach Seye Ajayi, however, was quick to dispel these concerns, emphasizing that the influx of talent would not hamper the team’s aspirations for the upcoming season. “It is true that there is a massive turnout of footballers at the screening exercise, but this will in no way affect our plans for the new season,” he asserted confidently. He pointed out that the team had already retained a solid core of players from last season and was now focused on augmenting the existing lineup with around 12 exceptional players who can contribute positively to the team’s performance.

The coach also pointed out that some of the players who didn’t meet the set standards during the screening process had been sent home in order to reduce the crowd.

However, the coach revealed that players are still arriving. “There are also players that are being sent from here and there and we have no power to send them back. We just have to access them” he said. 

He concluded by saying; “it is true that the new season is approaching, and we have to tidy up and keep our house in order.”

“I understand their concerns, but I want to assure the fans that there’s nothing to worry about,” he asserted, acknowledging the fans’ anxiety while putting their worries to rest.

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The Path Forward:

Coach Seye reiterated his confidence in the coaching staff’s ability to make informed choices amidst the influx of players. “We only need two weeks of preseason training to get ourselves prepared for the new season, so before then, we are doing all we can to pick the best from this number,” he shared.

Highlighting the ambition for the season, Coach Seye stated, “We need at least 12 more extraordinary players for the new season, and so we have to leave the door open and give them the chance to come and express themselves.”

The open screening exercise is set to conclude in the coming days, and Coach Seye expressed optimism that before then, the desired outcomes would be achieved.

To fans and supporters, he said; “they need not be worried. We are working diligently to ensure a strong and competitive team for the forthcoming Nigeria National League season.”

Final Thoughts:

As the Osun United squad takes shape, Coach Seye Ajayi’s commitment to balancing the team’s strength and maintaining its competitive edge remains resolute. We can rest assured that the team’s preparation for the upcoming season is well underway and that they are being meticulously assembled to embark on yet another exhilarating football journey. We can only hope for the best.

Isaac Sanyaolu

Blogger and football enthusiast with special interest in Osun State football.