Chelsea and England Star Lauren James Dreams of a Dinner Date with African Giant – Burna Boy

Lauren James

In an exclusive interview with Sky News, Chelsea FC Women’s sensational forward, Lauren James, shared a delightful revelation that has set hearts aflutter – she’s keen on enjoying a dinner date with none other than the Grammy-winning Nigerian music sensation, Damini Ogulu, aka Burna Boy!

When asked about the three people she would most like to invite over for a memorable dinner, Lauren James responded with a sparkle in her eye:

Lauren James
Chelsea FC Women’s sensational forward, Lauren James.

Interviewer: “Three people you would invite over for dinner?”

Lauren James: “You, of course [referring to the interviewer], Kevin Hart because he’s incredibly funny and always lightens the mood. And for that musical touch and incredible vibes, I’d choose Burna Boy.”

Lauren James
Grammy-winning Nigerian music sensation, Damini Ogulu, aka Burna Boy.

It’s a dream dinner party that combines humor, charisma, and the electrifying presence of Burna Boy. Lauren James, known for her mesmerizing skills on the football field, clearly has a taste for an exciting and diverse mix of personalities.

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James is undoubtedly one of the most captivating players in world football, gracing the pitch with her exceptional talent and charisma. Her desire to share a meal and engage in a conversation with Burna Boy only adds to her charm.

Who wouldn’t want to witness the dynamic exchange of laughter, stories, and music between these two extraordinary talents? While we wait for this dream dinner to become a reality, we can only imagine the incredible moments it would bring.

Until then, we celebrate Lauren James for her remarkable skills on the field and her unique taste in dinner companions!

Watch the interview below: