Kwara United FC’s Unusual Man of the Match Award Sparks Curiosity

Kwara United

In a surprising turn of events, Kwara United Football Club recently raised eyebrows in the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) with a rather unconventional Man of the Match (MOTM) award presentation. After their hard-fought victory against Abia Warriors, instead of the usual plaque or trophy, the MOTM was presented with something that looked remarkably like a pillow.

A Pillow-Like Gift Raises Questions

Kwara United

Social media was abuzz with reactions, as the image of the player receiving what appeared to be a pillow-like gift went viral. The unique choice of award left many scratching their heads, wondering why a bag of cement or what seemed like a pillow was chosen as a symbol of recognition for outstanding performance on the field. Some even jokingly speculated that it might be a mosquito net, while others questioned if it was a bag of Bua Cement.

Respect the League Brand

The unusual award choice sparked mixed reactions, with some expressing embarrassment on behalf of the NPFL and its brand. They urged clubs to consider the image and reputation of the league when presenting awards to players. While the player receiving the award didn’t appear to be smiling, some wise voices in the online discussion reminded everyone that appearances can be deceiving, and the contents of the pillow-like gift may hold more value than meets the eye.

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The Truth Behind the Pillow-Like Award

To clear the air, it was revealed that this unconventional award was not sponsored by the government or Kwara United itself. Instead, it was a unique gesture courtesy of Engr. Olaide Ahmed, who chose to recognize the standout player of the match in his own distinctive way. In this case, the MOTM award, in the form of a pillow-like gift, was presented to Alao Mohammad in appreciation of his performance.

Victory for Kwara United

Amidst the unusual award presentation, it’s worth noting that Kwara United secured a well-deserved victory against Abia Warriors, with Ejeh Isiah’s goal being the decisive factor in the game. This victory marked a triumphant return to their home stadium, Kwara State Stadium, Ilorin, after nearly two years of renovations, and the fans’ support played a crucial role in their success.

While the choice of MOTM award may have raised eyebrows, the focus remains on the dedication and passion displayed by the players on the field. Kwara United’s victory is a testament to their resilience and commitment to the game, making it a memorable day for their loyal supporters.