Vote Coach Adeleke Abdulrasheed for a Stronger and Inclusive Nigeria Football Coaches Association (NFCA) Osun State Chapter

As Coach Adeleke Abdulrasheed steps forward to vie for the Chairmanship position of the Nigeria Football Coaches Association (NFCA), Osun State Chapter, he brings with him a vision and a commitment to usher in a new era of progress, unity, and integrity within the association. With a focus on the betterment of coaches and the development of football, Coach Adeleke Abdulrasheed presents his three-point agenda for a brighter future:

1. Restoration & Consolidation of Fairness & Equity

Through Adequate Planning & Effective Control Administration that Involves All-Inclusive Decision

In the pursuit of fairness and equity, Coach Adeleke Abdulrasheed aims to revamp the administration of NFCA Osun State. He recognizes the importance of every coach’s voice and input. To achieve this, he proposes:

  • Inclusive Decision-Making: Coach Adeleke will ensure that every coach’s perspective is considered in decision-making processes. He believes that a united and inclusive approach is essential for the growth of the association.
  • Transparency: Transparent administration will be a cornerstone of Coach Adeleke’s leadership. He is committed to ensuring that every member of NFCA Osun State is aware of the association’s actions, decisions, and financial matters.
  • Effective Planning: Adequate planning is the bedrock of a successful organization. Coach Adeleke will work to develop and implement strategic plans that address the needs and aspirations of coaches in the state.
Nigeria Football Coaches Association (NFCA), Osun State Chapter
Coach Adeleke Abdulrasheed: Nigeria Football Coaches Association (NFCA), Osun State Chapter.

2. Upgrading & Sustaining a Credible Status for NFCA Osun State

Building a Positive Ethical Behavioral Attitude that Shows a High Degree of Integrity Through Training & Re-Training of Coaches.

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To enhance the reputation of NFCA Osun State, Coach Adeleke Abdulrasheed emphasizes the importance of upholding strong ethical standards and integrity within the association:

  • Ethical Behavior: Coach Adeleke will foster a culture of ethical behavior among coaches, ensuring that they conduct themselves with honesty and integrity both on and off the field.
  • Training & Re-Training: He will institute regular training and re-training programs for coaches, keeping them updated with the latest coaching techniques, rules, and ethical standards.
  • Mentorship: Coach Adeleke will create mentorship opportunities, allowing experienced coaches to guide and inspire the younger generation.

3. To Forestall Adequate Record Keeping

Through Transparency

Coach Adeleke Abdulrasheed recognizes the importance of maintaining accurate records within NFCA Osun State:

  • Transparency: He will institute a transparent system of record-keeping to ensure that the association’s activities and finances are meticulously documented and readily available for scrutiny.
  • Accountability: Adequate record-keeping goes hand in hand with accountability. Coach Adeleke will uphold a culture of accountability among members, ensuring that the association’s resources are used judiciously.

As Coach Adeleke Abdulrasheed stands for election as the Chairman of NFCA Osun State Chapter, his three-point agenda encapsulates his dedication to fairness, integrity, and the betterment of all coaches. He seeks to unite coaches, instill high ethical standards, and create an association that is a shining example of transparency and professionalism.

With his leadership, NFCA Osun State is poised for a brighter and more prosperous future. Vote for Coach Adeleke Abdulrasheed, vote for positive change in NFCA Osun State!