Insights from Rangers Int’l CEO Amobi Ezeaku at African Clubs Association Launch in Cairo

In a significant moment for African club football, Barrister Amobi Ezeaku, the CEO of Nigeria PFL club Rangers_Intl, engaged in a compelling discussion with foremost journalist Osasu Obayiuwana during the launch of the African Clubs Association (ACA) in Cairo. The interview shed light on the importance of this new association for the future of club football on the continent.

When asked about the formation of the African Clubs Association (ACA), Amobi Ezeaku expressed, “It means a lot for African Club Football. You see, in other continents, you have the ECA (European Clubs Association), for instance, and what we want to do now is to replicate the same. So, it means a lot for both big and small clubs in Africa.”

Amobi Ezeaku
Rangers Int’l CEO Amobi Ezeaku presenting a Rangers jersey to CAF president, Patrice Motsepe at the launch of the African Clubs Association in Cairo.

This sentiment highlights the aspiration to establish an organization that can serve as a unifying force, much like the established bodies in other continents. The creation of the African Clubs Association is viewed as a pivotal step toward enhancing the structure and support system for clubs across the continent.

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Osasu Obayiuwana delved deeper into Rangers_Intl’s history, touching on their past successes and the near miss in the Champions Cup in 1975. He asked, “Rangers won the Cup Winners Cup in 1977, and came so close to winning the Champions Cup in 1975 but never did? Would Rangers ever get there?”

Amobi Ezeaku responded with optimism, stating, “We are very optimistic with the current wave of events so far in Rangers. We hope to compete again on the continent.” This assurance reflects the determination and confidence within Rangers_Intl to once again make their mark on the continental stage.

As the interview unfolded, it became evident that the launch of the African Clubs Association signifies a collective effort to elevate African club football to new heights. The exchange between Osasu Obayiuwana and Amobi Ezeaku offers a glimpse into the enthusiasm and hope surrounding this new chapter in African football history.

With the assurance from Rangers_Intl’s CEO, the football community eagerly anticipates witnessing the club’s resurgence and the positive impact of the African Clubs Association on the broader landscape of club football in Africa.

Watch Video of the Interview Below:

NOTE: ECA (European Clubs Association) is officially recognized by both UEFA and FIFA as the sole, independent body for football clubs at European level.