NNL Player Watch: Abubakar Aminu Goringo, Osun United’s Defensive Maestro

In the lead-up to the 2023/2024 Nigerian National League (NNL) season, all eyes are on Osun United FC’s dynamic Ball-Playing Centre-Back, Abubakar Aminu Goringo. At just 20 years old, Goringo has already established himself as one of the most outstanding central defenders in Nigerian football, showcasing an impressive skill set that belies his age.

Abubakar Aminu Goringo

What sets Goringo apart is his impeccable ability to break up attacks, anticipate plays with precision, and dominate aerial duels despite his height. His style of play is not only defensive but also progressive, forward-thinking, and attack-minded. A key contributor to the team’s possession, Goringo excels in progressive passes, carries, and boasts a high success rate in critical passing stats, including long passing, passes into the final third, and switches of play.

Abubakar Aminu Goringo

Despite his stature, Goringo compensates with remarkable speed, agility, dribbling prowess, and unwavering composure on the ball. In the heart of Osun United’s defense, he finds the perfect partner in Afolabi Olatunbosun. Their defensive pairing was instrumental in Osun United’s triumphant campaign in the Nationwide League One (NLO) last season, earning them a well-deserved promotion to the NNL.

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Abubakar Aminu Goringo

Afolabi Olatunbosun handles the gritty defensive work, while Goringo demonstrates composure and discipline, effectively curtailing every opposition threat. The Gombe-born defender brings a wealth of experience from his time with Mighty Jets Football Club of Jos in the NNL, adding valuable depth to Osun United’s backline.

As the NNL season kicks off, Abubakar Aminu Goringo is undoubtedly a player to watch. His versatility as a “Stopper,” “Sweeper,” and “Ball-Playing Centre-Half” positions him as a defensive force to be reckoned with. Osun United places their trust in Goringo, counting on him to make history by guiding the team to success in the Nigerian Professional Football League.