Osun Women Football League Set to Commence

Exciting times for women’s football in Osun State as the inaugural Osun Women Football League is set to kicks off with eight formidable teams ready to showcase their skills and passion for the sport.

Osun Women Football League

Anticipated to draw significant attention across the state and beyond, the league promises extensive viewership through social media and web platforms, making it a prime marketing avenue for brands looking to connect with the people of Osun State.

In a statement released by the Osun State Football Association, the tournament would be aired live by the association’s broadcast partners, Blackdrum TV.

According to the statement the league matches would also be made accessible to a global audience via web and cable television networks.

Furthermore, the Osun FA stated that, Ixzdore, one of their sports data partner, will ensure that the league’s historical and live data is meticulously maintained, offering valuable insights for player and club evaluations.

In the statement, Mr. Sola Fanawopo, the Osun FA supremo, emphasized the league’s commitment to providing essential data for player and club ratings, aiding in player transfers and facilitating transparent transfer payments. This data, according to him will also be a valuable resource for clubs, analysts, broadcasters, and betting companies.

“As a testament to player welfare, all registered players and officials are mandated to have affordable health insurance covers, courtesy of the Osun Health Insurance Scheme (OHIS),” the statement reads.

“The league, enriched with incentives and a substantial prize, welcomes sponsors and partners to join in supporting and promoting women’s football in Osun State,” the statement concluded.

Meet the participating teams:

  1. Osun Babes FC Osogbo
  2. Igbajo United Ladies
  3. Ijesa Queen FC
  4. Hon Akeju Segun Queen, Osogbo
  5. Oyeladeniran Babes Iresi
  6. Ila Orangun Babes
  7. Ijesa Warrioress FC
  8. Hamzanaib Ladies