“Pray for Congo” Trends After Powerful AFCON Gesture By DR Congo Players

Remember the DR Congo team at AFCON? Their powerful pre-match gesture is still resonating, sparking the “Pray for Congo” movement. Why?

Pray for Congo
This gesture aimed to highlight the ongoing conflict in the eastern DR Congo region, claiming countless civilian lives.

In a poignant display of solidarity and advocacy, the players of the DR Congo national football team, led by Arthur Masuaku and their French head coach Sebastien Desabre, made a compelling gesture during the national anthem before their AFCON semifinal match against Ivory Coast. The players covered their mouths with one hand and pointed the other to their heads, mimicking a gun (symbolizing silenced voices and gun violence).

Raising Awareness for a Suffering Nation

French head coach of DR Congo National Team, Sebastien Desabre.

This symbolic gesture was a powerful message aimed at drawing global attention to the ongoing conflict in the eastern region of the DR Congo. The resource-rich provinces of Congo have been marred by armed conflict, leading to the loss of countless lives, with activities perpetrated by the M23 military militia, allegedly supported by the government of Rwanda.

The players’ gesture served as a stark call to action, seeking to raise awareness about the atrocities and massacres occurring in their homeland. The conflict, driven by struggles over valuable resources such as diamonds, gold, lithium, uranium, cobalt, and oil, has resulted in a humanitarian crisis, displacing thousands of civilians from their homes.

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Beyond the Playing Field

Chancel Mbemba, a key figure in the Congolese team, emphasized the importance of the message conveyed through the gesture: “Everyone knows what is happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There have been wars and massacres for 20 years. We sent the message we wanted. The European Union will see. We have shown that there are many massacres in the Congo,” he said.

Their voices are drawing global attention to a complex and often overlooked conflict.

Latest Updates

The citizens of the Republic of Congo are protesting, accusing the government of failing to use their influence over neighbouring Rwanda to curb a rebellion in eastern DR Congo. Rwanda is accused of backing the M23 rebel group, which it denies, however angry protesters have burnt flags of the US and Belgium, DR Congo’s former colonial power, on Monday, BBC reports.

Taking Action

The trending hashtag “Pray For Congo” on social media reflects the impact of the players’ advocacy, echoing beyond the football field and reaching a global audience. As the world witnesses this powerful gesture, it serves as a reminder of the responsibility to stand against injustice and raise awareness about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the DR Congo.

Supporting humanitarian organizations and raising awareness can make a difference.


  • This is more than just a football story. It’s a plea for help from a nation in pain.
  • By joining the “Pray for Congo” movement, you can amplify their voices and advocate for peace.

Join the conversation

  • What are your thoughts on the DR Congo’s gesture?
  • How can we raise awareness and support the people of Congo?
  • Share your message of hope and solidarity using #PrayForCongo.

Together, we can make a difference!