Former Dutch Star Quincy Promes Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison for Cocaine Smuggling

Former Ajax and Netherlands winger Quincy Promes has been sentenced to six years in prison by a Dutch court for his involvement in a large-scale cocaine smuggling operation.

Promes was found guilty of importing over 1,350 kilograms of cocaine, valued at €75 million.

Quincy Promes
Quincy Promes.

According to reports, he was not present in court during the verdict due to him residing in Russia, where he plays for Spartak Moscow. Russia does not currently extradite its residents, meaning Promes may avoid immediate imprisonment.

According to the court, Promes was pushed by the immense financial gains from drug deals, even though he is a football player earning millions, he wanted to earn more and more money.

However, he faces potential arrest if he travels to the Netherlands or other cooperating countries.

Quincy Promes and his Troubled Career

Quincy Promes

This sentence adds another layer to Promes’ already troubled career. He previously received an 18-month prison sentence for stabbing his cousin, a conviction currently under appeal.

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Reactions and Implications

The news has sent shockwaves through the Dutch football community and raises questions about Promes’ future as a player. The potential travel restrictions could significantly impact his career and personal life.

Uncertain Future

It remains unclear whether Promes will serve his sentence or face further legal challenges. Regardless, this conviction marks a significant fall from grace for a once-promising footballer.

Discussion Prompts:

  • What are your thoughts on this news?
  • Do you think Promes should be allowed to continue his football career?
  • What are the wider implications of this case for sports and the fight against drug trafficking?