Breaking: Osun United FC Banished from Osogbo Township Stadium Due to Poor Conditions

In a recent development, Osun United Football Club has been banished from the Osogbo Township Stadium by the Nigerian National League (NNL) due to the deteriorating state of the stadium. This decision was communicated to the club via a letter from the Chief Operating Officer of the NNL, Dr. Ayo AbdulRahaman.

The letter, addressed to Osun United FC, expressed disappointment over the current poor condition of the Osogbo Township Stadium. It highlighted the ample time available during the first stanza break, which was expected to be utilized for necessary stadium renovations. However, despite this window, the stadium’s condition continued to deteriorate.

Consequently, the NNL deemed the Osogbo Township Stadium unfit to host league matches. As a result, Osun United FC has been advised to select the nearest approved venue for their remaining home matches for the 2023/2024 league season.

See a copy of the letter below:

The letter also expressed regret for any inconveniences caused by this decision and emphasized the importance of ensuring suitable conditions for football matches. Evidences regarding the state of the pitch were attached to the correspondence.

Below is a video evidence that was said to have been taken by the camp of visiting team, Inter Lagos FC last weekend and sent to the NNL league body:

This development underscores the critical need for proper maintenance and upkeep of sports facilities across the country to ensure the smooth conduct of sporting events and the safety of athletes and spectators alike. Osun United FC now faces the task of relocating their home matches while efforts to address the issues at Osogbo Township Stadium are anticipated.

As stakeholders await further updates, the focus remains on restoring the stadium to an acceptable standard and providing a conducive environment for football in Osun State.