Exciting Matches Ahead in the SmartCity Osun State Football League Week 4️⃣ Fixtures

Osun State Football League

Get ready for another thrilling day of football action as the SmartCity Osun State Football League continues today with a lineup of exciting matches across various centers in Osun State. Fans can expect intense showdowns as teams battle it out on the pitch to secure crucial victories and climb up the league table.

Here are the fixtures for today’s matches:

Ataoja School Pitch:

  1. Net Breaker vs. Elebuibon Boyz – Kickoff: 10:00 AM
  2. Locapy FC vs. Divine FC – Kickoff: 12:00 PM
  3. Hommydays vs. Orolu Feeders – Kickoff: 2:00 PM
  4. Fehinty FA vs. HMK FC – Kickoff: 4:00 PM

Ila Stadium: 5. Ila Feeders vs. Oriade – Kickoff: 2:00 PM

Igbajo Sports Complex: 6. Igbajo Utd F. vs. Ijesha Warrior F. – Kickoff: 1:00 PM

Osogbo High School Pitch: 7. Sharp Strikers vs. Sakariyau – Kickoff: 1:00 PM

  1. Ridyem FC vs. Ovit FA – Kickoff: 3:00 PM

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Moro High School: 9. H.C.B FC vs. Hammola Feeders – Kickoff: 2:00 PM

Ejigbo Township Stadium: 10. Alan FC vs. Success FA – Kickoff: 3:00 PM

Ede High School Pitch: 11. Brilliant United vs. Kamal FC – Kickoff: 1:00 PM 📺

  1. Ede City Boys vs. Feed Talents FC – Kickoff: 9:00 AM 📺
  2. OMECC INTL vs. Iwo Utd – Kickoff: 2:00 PM
  3. United Feeders vs. Onilado FC – Kickoff: 3:00 PM 📺
  4. Soccer W vs. Timi Giants FC – Kickoff: 11:00 AM 📺

Oluwo Stadium: 16. Telu FC vs. Parrot FC – Kickoff: 1:00 PM

Don’t miss out on the excitement as these teams showcase their skills and determination on the field. Stay tuned for thrilling encounters and unforgettable moments in the SmartCity Osun State Football League.