“Osun United FC position on NNL table is not a fluke”-Marketing and Communications Manager, Femi Okenla Credits Teamwork for Top Spot

Osun United Football Club (Osun United FC) is making a strong push for promotion to the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL), and their Marketing and Communications Manager, Femi Okenla, attributes their success to a collective effort.

Osun United FC 's Marketing and Communications Manager, Femi Okenla
Osun United FC ‘s Marketing and Communications Manager, Femi Okenla.

Okenla said this following the team’s hard-fought 1-0 victory over Ikorodu City, thanks to a lone goal from young talent Ismail Ayodele in the 12th minute. The victory propelled Osun United to the top spot on the NNL table. Okenla, acknowledging the significance of this achievement, lauded the hard work and commitment of the management, coaches, players, backroom staff, supporters, media, and loyal fans of the club.

Femi said in a social media post that, “Osun United FC’s position on this table is not a fluke.”  

“It is a result of hard work and collective aspiration of the management, coaches, players, backroom staff, club’s supporters, media and teeming fans of the club,” he said.

Femi Okenla

With their current position, the dream of participating in the Super 8 playoffs and ultimately securing promotion to the NPFL is becoming increasingly tangible. However, Okenla acknowledges the need for continued hard work and doubled efforts from everyone involved. “Super 8 and NPFL promotion ambition is getting clearer, but we still need to double our efforts as a team to achieve that ambition,” Okenla declared.

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In the post, Okenla also extended a message to doubters and “toxic souls,” urging them to believe in Osun United FC’s collective aspiration for promotion and join the movement. “With all of us on the same page, the ambition is certain but we need to beg the doubters, toxic souls to believe in our collective aspiration for NPFL promotion and join the train.

Photo from Osun United’s 1-0 victory over Ikorodu City at the Kwara State Sports Complex llorin.

He highlights the importance of unwavering support, both on and off the field, emphasizing the need for physical, mental, psychological, spiritual, and financial backing. “Precisely, we need the support of everybody, physically, mentally, psychologically, spiritually and financially for our team to coast into NPFL next season,” he concluded.

Osun United FC now sets their sights on their next challenge: Giant Brillars FC in Enugu for matchday 15 of the NNL. Having secured a draw against Giant Brillars in the first leg, the team under Coach Seye Ajayi is determined to extend their lead at the top of the table.