Nationwide League One (NLO) Osogbo Center Team of the Season: Futball Naija’s Best XI

Nationwide League One (NLO) Osogbo Center Team of the Season: Futball Naija’s 2024 XI

Five of Igbajo United’s table topping side have been named in Futball Naija’s Nationwide League One (NLO) Osogbo Center Team of the Season.

Nationwide League One (NLO) Osogbo Center Team of the Season: Futball Naija’s Best XI
Igbajo United players (From left to right) Left-Back: Oladokun Sodiq, Centre Midfield: Kunle Ashiru, Right-Back: Adebayo Suraj, Striker: Qamar Qamar and Supporting Striker: Olawoye Idowu.

The 2024 New Year Mega Lottery Nationwide League One (NLO) Osogbo Center season has come to an end, with Igbajo United FC topping the table and ultimately winning the only promotion playoff spot in the group.

With the curtain fully closed on the campaign, our data experts at Futball Naija have picked their Nationwide League One (NLO) Osogbo Center Team of the Season for 2024 based on the performances and data.

Goalkeeper: Salaudeen Saheed – Hammola FC

Hammola FC’s goalkeeper, Salaudeen Saheed, was a huge part of the Lee Bombers side with the best defensive record in the Nationwide League One (NLO) Osogbo Center. According to Futball Naija’s goals prevented model, he conceded the fewest number of goals (5), the least of any goalkeeper in the campaign.

Left-Back: Oladokun Sodiq – Igbajo United FC

Seventeen-year-old Oladokun Sodiq helped Igbajo United to the top of the league table with great defensive displays at the left-back position. He was also effective going forward and earned himself a number of assists. One of the highlights of his performance was his sublime cross to striker Qamar Qamar against ASE Ridyem FC (Watch video below).

Sodiq played almost all the matches for Igbajo United, completing virtually all his passes, passes in the opposition half, and passes into the final third. Defensively, he was also there, doing the dirty work and helping out in difficult situations.

Centre-Back: Gbotemi – Hammola FC

Gbotemi is exceptional with the ball at his feet for a center-back, completing a number of his passes. He’s also good for ball carry distance and ball carry progression upfield, as seen in the league. Defensively, he was superb as well, very rugged at the back, and he helped his team concede the least number of goals (5) than any other team in the league.

Centre-Back: Waliu Adejare – ASE Ridyem FC

Nationwide League One (NLO) Osogbo Center Team of the Season: Futball Naija’s Best XI

It has been a successful campaign for Waliu Adejare and his ASE Ridyem FC teammates, who are newcomers to the Nationwide League One (NLO). The club was formed in 2023, and finishing joint 3rd in the league standings is no small feat. Adejare Waliu played 8 of 9 matches for ASE Ridyem FC and was as solid as a rock for his team. He also scored 1 goal, not limiting his responsibilities to defensive duties alone. The 17-year-old defender has a good range of passing and is very good in the air, winning 95% of balls contested for in the air.

Right-Back: Adebayo Suraj – Igbajo United

It has been an incredible season for Igbajo United, as they qualified for the only playoff spot as leaders of the Nationwide League One (NLO) Osogbo Center group. Their 20-year-old full-back Adebayo Suraj, popularly known as Gattuso, was a constant threat going forward, creating chances from set plays and playing long balls and passes into opposition areas. He also made a lot of successful crosses and created lots of chances for teammates. Defensively, he was also there for Igbajo, doing the dirty work and thwarting all attacks from his right-back position.

Centre Midfield: Kunle Ashiru – Igbajo United

The 20-year-old showed leadership and energy in the Igbajo United midfield and showed that he has been the missing piece of the jigsaw for Coach Omoniyi Muideen. Kunle Ashiru was at the heart of the team’s midfield, sitting elegantly in front of the back four. His passing range, marking, and playmaking were top-notch, propelling Igbajo United to the top of the Nationwide League One (NLO) Osogbo Center table.

Centre Midfield: Ganiyu Maruf – Hammola FC

Nationwide League One (NLO) Osogbo Center Team of the Season: Futball Naija’s Best XI

The Lee Bombers FC captain was absolutely brilliant this season. Despite his stature, Maruf showed leadership in the heart of Hammola FC’s midfield. He was a standout player, elegant in all dimensions, very composed on the ball, and very good at spreading passes.

Left Wing: Quadri Inabaka – ASE Ridyem FC

Consistently brilliant no matter what position he plays. Ideally, Inabaka is a full-back, but when the going gets tough, ASE Ridyem FC coach Adekunle Azzez Azular moves him to the wings, and then you see him dragging defenders all over the place and creating space and opportunities for his teammates. Just a sensational player.

Right Wing: Samson Akanfe – Ijesha Golden Warriors FC

Everyone knows how good Samson Akanfe has been for Ijesha Golden Warriors. He showed everyone just how good he really is in the just-concluded Nationwide League One (NLO) at the Osogbo Center. On the wings, he was a menace for opposition defenders. Though his team had a tough season, he was one of the positives in the side.

Supporting Striker: Olawoye Idowu – Igbajo United

Played mainly on the wings for Igbajo United, Idowu was a threat, combining well with striker Qamar Qamar. Between them, they have about 10 goals, helping Igbajo United to the top of the table. Idowu was elegant throughout the season, beating off his markers easily with deft touches and very difficult to man-mark as he evades defenders easily. A very top-quality player, Idowu brought a lot of experience to the Igbajo United side, helping them to the top with no competition at all.

Striker: Qamar Qamar – Igbajo United

Crucial to the sensational form of Igbajo United, Qamar’s contributions extend far beyond goal-scoring. His aggressive counter-pressing, seamless synchronization with teammates, and tireless work ethic epitomize his dedication to executing Coach Omoniyi Muideen’s game plan. As a result, Qamar has become the driving force behind Igbajo United’s formidable presence in the Nationwide League One, leading the charge with his relentless pursuit of excellence on the pitch. Obviously, Qamar is the best striker in the 2024 New Year Mega Lottery Nationwide League One (NLO) Osogbo Center with 7 goals from 7 games and head and shoulders above any No.9 in the League.

Coach: Coach Omoniyi Muideen– Igbajo United

Futball Naija’s best coach for the 2024 New Year Mega Lottery Nationwide League One Osogbo Center team of the season is Coach Omoniyi Muideen O., popularly known as Coach Onile. He assembled a strong squad, tactically blending his players from last season with the newcomers this season. With an 80% win rate, winning 7 out of 9 games played, Igbajo United FC played the best football in the recently concluded league, thanks to Coach Onile. Playing from the back and transitioning to attack has been seamless under his guidance. He is a great coach with a winning mentality, always striving to win every game. He is a young and promising coach for the future.

There are other talented players who could not make the starting lineup. They performed exceptionally well, but faced tough competition for places in the best XI. They are:

Goalkeeper – Ridwan Kazeem (ASE Ridyem FC)
Defender – Oladosu Kehinde (Igbajo United)
Defender – Adeleke Sodiq (Alaska FC)
Midfielder – Afolabi Mumeen (Fehinty FC)
Midfielder – Aliyu (Police FC)
Midfielder – Matthew (Igbajo United)
Supporting Striker – Abodunrin Ridwan (Fehinty FC)
Winger – Elewure (HMK)
Midfielder – Amure Segun (Ijesha Golden Warrior)
Striker – Ahmed Ahmed (Victory Police)
Winger – Owolabi Afeez (Victory Police)