Ogunjobi Gold Cup Pre-Season Tournament

Everything You Need to Know About Ogunjobi Gold Cup Pre-Season Tournament

Introduction The Ogunjobi Gold Cup Pre-Season Tournament is a highly regarded and well-organized football tournament in Nigeria. It has gained recognition and support from various sponsors and partners, contributing to its success and reputation within the domestic football scene. In this article, we will delve into the tournament’s history, notable achievements, participating teams, and future…

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Family United By Football

Everything You Need to Know about “Family United By Football” (FUBF): The Largest Sports WhatsApp Group in Nigeria

Introduction In the world of sports, especially football, connectivity and shared passion are crucial. Enter “Family United By Football” (FUBF), the largest sports WhatsApp group in Nigeria. FUBF has established itself as a dynamic community, bringing together sports enthusiasts, professionals, and key stakeholders from both Osun State and Nigeria. This article aims to shed light…

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Tunde Shamsudeen

Meet Tunde Shamsudeen: A Top Sports Journalist and Astute Sports Administrator in Nigeria

In the realm of sports journalism and administration in Nigeria, Tunde Shamsudeen stands out as a prominent figure. With a wealth of experience and a passion for football, he has established himself as a respected sports journalist, astute sports administrator, and football players’ manager. Let’s delve into the life and achievements of this remarkable personality….

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Coach Ayeni Ayodeji Alexander

Coach Ayeni Ayodeji Alexander, a dynamic force shaping Nigerian football and leaving an indelible mark

Coach Ayeni Ayodeji Alexander is a true football personality who has made a remarkable impact from grassroots levels to the top echelons of Nigerian football. With an unwavering purpose and dedication, he embarked on his football career, swiftly establishing himself as one of the youngest coaches in the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL). Known for…

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Ikorodu City Football Club

Ikorodu City Football Club Makes Bold Statement, Teams up with FC Barcelona to Host Lagos Football Championship

Ikorodu City Football Club has exciting news to share with football enthusiasts and aspiring players alike. The club, in a statement released via it’s Twitter account announced its partnership with renowned European football giants, FC Barcelona and Atletic Sant Just Futbol Club (ATSJ) of Spain, for the inaugural edition of the Lagos City Cup. This…

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Sola Fanawopo

Sola Fanawopo ‘s Vision for Osun State Football: 7 Key Priorities

In his manifesto titled “Welcome to Possibilities: A New Deal for Osun Football,” the newly elected Chairman of the Osun State Football Association, Mr Sola Fanawopo presented a comprehensive plan to transform Osun State Football into a thriving hub of soccer activities. In this article, Futball Naija outlines the seven key priorities highlighted in his…

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