Meet Tunde Shamsudeen: A Top Sports Journalist and Astute Sports Administrator in Nigeria

Tunde Shamsudeen

In the realm of sports journalism and administration in Nigeria, Tunde Shamsudeen stands out as a prominent figure. With a wealth of experience and a passion for football, he has established himself as a respected sports journalist, astute sports administrator, and football players’ manager.

Let’s delve into the life and achievements of this remarkable personality.

Early Life and Education

Tunde Shamsudeen
Tunde Shamsudeen

Tunde Shamsudeen, also known as “Oba Ball” (King of Football), was born on August 27th. Born and bred Minna, he pursued his studies in Mass Communication at The Polytechnic of Ibadan. Fluent in English, Hausa, and Yoruba, Tunde’s linguistic skills contribute to his ability to connect with diverse audiences.

Career in Sports Journalism

Tunde Shamsudeen
Tunde Shamsudeen (Right) with Kunle Soname, a Nigerian politician, entrepreneur, sport enthusiast and the chairman of Bet9ja, a betting website he founded in 2013.

Tunde Shamsudeen began his journalism career at the Osun Network Newspaper. He has held various positions in reputable media outlets, including serving as the Media Officer for the now-defunct Anambra United, The Sun Newspaper, SoccerStar (now known as Sporting Sun), Prime FC, Osun United, The Nation Newspaper,, Opera News Hub,, and At one point, he also took on the role of South West Coordinator for the’s live streaming team, showcasing his journey and achievements in the field of journalism.

Contributions to Sports Administration and Players Management

Tunde Shamsudeen
Mr. Tunde Shamsudeen with another highly rated sport journalist, Olaiya Azeez popularly known as “The Solicitor.”

Tunde Shamsudeen’s impact extends beyond journalism. He has played a significant role in sports administration and players management.

He is widely recognized for his exceptional talent in nurturing young footballers. He has collaborated with various organizations and individuals to organize tournaments specifically tailored to exhibit the skills and potential of aspiring footballers. These events provide valuable opportunities for identifying and promoting players who possess the talent and capability to excel in the professional football arena.

Additionally, TS serves as a dedicated manager for numerous players, both domestically within Nigeria and internationally. His expertise and guidance contribute to their development and success in the ever-competitive world of football.

Also, he worked closely with late Chief Taiwo Joseph Ogunjobi, the former Secretary General of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), as his Special Adviser On General Matters and Media Aide.

TS is not only the Grand Commander but also the visionary behind the creation of the Family United By Football platform, commonly known as “FUBF.”

FUBF is a dynamic sports community on the popular social media platform WhatsApp, boasting an impressive lineup of key stakeholders in sports, particularly football, from both Osun State and Nigeria. Regarded as the largest sports WhatsApp group in Nigeria, FUBF serves as a hub for sports enthusiasts and professionals to connect, share ideas, and engage in discussions related to the world of football.

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The Ogunjobi Gold Cup and Other Roles

Tunde Shamsudeen

As the General Coordinator of the renowned Ogunjobi Gold Cup, Tunde Shamsudeen oversees one of the most prestigious Pre-Season Football Championships in Nigeria. His dedication to the tournament’s success showcases his leadership abilities. Furthermore, Tunde currently serves as the Media Officer for Nigeria’s Nationwide League One and holds the position of NPFL Match Commissioner.

Recognition and Awards

Tunde Shamsudeen
Tunde Shamsudeen

Tunde Shamsudeen’s contributions have not gone unnoticed. He has received numerous accolades and awards, including recognition from Osun SWAN, Kwara State University Rotaract Club, Naija League, Oshogbo Football Grassroots Association, Sports Media Ambassador Award, Young King FC, Hammola FC, and Nigeria Football Coaches Council (NFCC). These accolades serve as a testament to his hard work, integrity, and dedication to the sports industry.

Impact on Football Development in Osun State


Tunde Shamsudeen’s influence on football development in Osun State is immeasurable. His commitment to nurturing talent, fostering connections, and promoting the sport has made him a pillar of support and inspiration in the State. Through his work with various organizations and initiatives, he has contributed significantly to the growth and recognition of football in Osun State.

Personal Life

Tunde Shamsudeen, an exemplary Football Merchant, is happily married to the woman he considers the most beautiful in the world, Mrs. Olamide. They are blessed with a talented daughter named Ipoola. Although he faces criticism from those who perceive him as a threat, he is greatly admired and supported by those who share his dreams, missions, visions, determination, and aspirations.


Tunde Shamsudeen, a top sports journalist and astute sports administrator, has made indelible contributions to Nigerian football. His extensive experience, dedication, and passion for the game have garnered him respect and admiration from colleagues and fans alike. Through his role in sports journalism, administration, and players management, Tunde continues to shape the landscape of football in Nigeria, particularly in Osun State. His influence and unwavering commitment make him a true pillar of the sports industry.

To get in touch with Tunde Shamsudeen, kindly sent a text to the following Whatsapp number: 09062188629