Ex-Golden Eaglets Star Akinkunmi Amoo Sentenced to One Year Jail Term for Sexual Assault in Denmark

Akinkunmi Amoo

In a shocking turn of events, Akinkunmi Amoo, a former star player for the Golden Eaglets, has been convicted and sentenced to serve a one-year jail term in Denmark. The verdict came after a trial that spanned most of June, where Amoo faced charges of rape in a sexual relationship other than intercourse, attempted rape, and violations against two other women.

The Copenhagen District Court found him guilty on all three charges, leading to the solemn pronouncement of his sentence. Upon completion of his jail term, Amoo will be deported and banned from entering Denmark for six years. These distressing developments have left the football community and fans deeply shaken.

Details from Ekstra Bladet Newspaper

Akinkunmi Amoo

Here are some translated excerpts from the Ekstra Bladet newspaper:


“This is the outcome of the trial, which has been going on for most of June, where a top player in Danish football has been charged with rape in a sexual relationship other than intercourse, as well as attempted rape and violations of two more women.

“It happens after he was found guilty of all three charges in the Copenhagen District Court by a dissenting magistrate on Friday afternoon, and it was a shaken man who received his sentence as he stood there in the middle of the room and listened to the outcome.

“An unconditional prison sentence for one year.

“In the same case, the name ban in the case was extended because the defense and the convicted appealed the verdict on the spot. Ekstra Bladet protested against the continued name ban, but the court did not accept it. “It is not known when the appeal will go to court.”

Background and Charges

Akinkunmi Amoo
Swedish Superstar, Zlatan Ibrahimovic with the accused Akinkunmi Amoo.

The Nigerian winger was a regular for Danish Superliga side FC Copenhagen until July 2022 when he sustained an injury during a match against Silkeborg. However, his absence from the field was not the only issue plaguing him. Danish authorities had initially filed criminal charges against Amoo in April 2022, followed by subsequent charges in July and August of the same year.

He was thereafter arrested on September 10, 2022, and was released on bail on October 7. In addition to the sexual assault allegations, Amoo was expected to answer for two other unspecified counts, further complicating his legal predicament.

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Lessons for Young Nigerian Footballers

The troubling situation faced by Akinkunmi Amoo serves as a poignant reminder to young Nigerian footballers aspiring to play or already pursuing their careers in Europe. It highlights the potential challenges and prejudices they may encounter. While navigating the professional football landscape abroad, it is essential for them to be aware that they might face biases and unfounded allegations that could jeopardize their careers. While the circumstances surrounding this case are still unfolding, it is crucial to approach every situation with caution and maintain a sense of personal responsibility.

Speculations of a Set-Up

Amidst the unfolding drama, there have been suggestions that this sad turn of events could be a set-up. Some have speculated that the allegations against Amoo may have been orchestrated to harm his career. However, it is important to await further investigation and legal proceedings to determine the veracity of such claims.

The news of Akinkunmi Amoo’s conviction and subsequent jail term has sent shockwaves through the football community. As the legal process continues, it is a harsh reminder of the potential pitfalls that young Nigerian footballers may face while pursuing their dreams abroad. It is a moment for reflection and renewed vigilance to ensure personal conduct aligns with the values and expectations of professional athletes. As the case progresses, the football world waits anxiously for the outcome of the appeal and hopes for a fair resolution.