Afolabi Olatunbosun (Osun United) – Player Profile

Afolabi Olatunbosun

In the world of Nigerian football, Afolabi Olatunbosun is a name that shines bright. As a talented player currently representing Osun United Football Club, he has made a significant impact on the pitch. This player profile delves into the life and career of Afolabi Olatunbosun, showcasing his skills, achievements, and aspirations in the beautiful game.

Player Overview

Afolabi Olatunbosun
Afolabi Olatunbosun

Afolabi Olatunbosun hails from Sagamu, Ogun State, and is a proud native of the region. He primarily operates as a center-back but can also excel as a wing-back when required. Standing tall with a height of 1.89 meters and weighing 82 kilograms, Afolabi possesses a strong physical presence that commands attention on the field.

Playing Style

Afolabi is renowned for his powerful and rugged style of play. He embodies strength, work-rate, and technical prowess, making him a formidable force on the pitch. His ability to distribute the ball with precision, launch attacks with long balls, and maintain composure in possession has earned him recognition and admiration. Afolabi’s confidence on the ball and his knack for playing out from the back make him a valuable asset to any team.

Club Career

Afolabi Olatunbosun

Throughout his career, Afolabi has represented several club sides in Nigeria. He has played for Remo Night FC Sagamu, Futurpro Soccer Academy Lagos, Remo Stars FC Sagamu, and City of David (COD) United Lagos. Currently, he plies his trade for Osun United FC, joining the team during the 2017/2018 Nigerian Nation League season. Since then, he has become an ever-present and consistent performer for the Omoluabi Giants.

Notable Achievements

Afolabi Olatunbosun’s contributions on the field have propelled Osun United to success. In the recently concluded Nigeria Nationwide League One (NLO) season, he featured in seven out of eight matches, displaying remarkable consistency. His stellar performances helped the Omoluabi Giants secure promotion back to the Nigeria National League, a testament to his skill and dedication.

Afolabi also helped the Omoluabi Giants win the 2023 Osun FA Cup, after overcoming Igbajo United, a community-funded amateur side from Osun State at the Osogbo Township Stadium.

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Ambitions and Role Model

Looking ahead, Afolabi dreams of playing in Europe within the next two years. He aspires to compete at the highest level and showcase his talent on an international stage. In terms of inspiration, Afolabi models his game after the legendary Sergio Ramos, drawing motivation from the esteemed defender’s style and achievements.

Personal Details

Afolabi Olatunbosun

Off the field, Afolabi Olatunbosun is a devout Christian. He is single and speaks both English and Yoruba fluently. Wearing the Number 15 jersey for Osun United, he takes pride in representing the Omoluabi giants. Additionally, Afolabi holds Enyimba Football Club of Aba dear to his heart, considering them his favorite Nigerian club.


Afolabi Olatunbosun’s journey as a football player has been filled with determination and excellence. As a standout figure for Osun United FC, his physicality, skillset, and unwavering commitment have left an indelible mark on the Nigerian football scene. With ambitions of playing in Europe and emulating the greats, Afolabi Olatunbosun continues to shine as a rising star in the beautiful game.