Osun Deputy Governor Demands Strict Accountability for State-Owned Clubs Future Player Transfers

Osun Deputy Governor

“I’ve heard a series of stories and I’m not afraid to die. Any subsequent money must be deposited into the treasury” – Osun Deputy Governor, Prince Kola Adewusi.

The Deputy Governor of Osun State, Prince Kola Adewusi, who also serves as the Commissioner for Sports, has unequivocally stated that any future earnings from the transfers of players like Odion Ighalo, who have come through the ranks of Osun United and Osun Babes, must be deposited into the government’s treasury. He conveyed this message during a press conference held at the Exco Lounge of the Governor’s Office in Abere, Osun State, on September 15, 2023.

He emphasized that the administration led by Senator Ademola Adeleke is not interested in investigating past transactions but stressed the importance of reporting any incoming funds from these transfers to the government. Failure to comply with this directive will result in severe consequences.

Prince Kola Adewusi, Osun Deputy Governor, mentioned that the Odion Ighalo Transfer Money issue was the first challenge he encountered in his role. He remarked, “I’ve received various explanations regarding the Ighalo matter.”

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“I explicitly informed the sports authorities that our administration has no intention to probe anyone, but I cautioned against getting into trouble. Any ill-gotten gains from that time should remain untouched. Subsequent earnings, however, should not be tampered with,” he added.

Furthermore, he said; “Anyone engaging in unethical practices with me will experience the consequences. I want to make it clear that I’ve heard numerous stories, and I’m not afraid of any threats. In fact, some of these stories are quite disturbing. Nevertheless, let’s put those behind us. I know there are still ongoing legal issues. If I were to advise those searching for the Ighalo money, they should abandon that pursuit. We’ve discussed this privately and publicly; all incoming funds must now go into the government’s treasury.”

“Any funds generated that do not reach the government will lead to significant problems. Anyone found guilty of mishandling transfer fees will have to account for any misappropriated funds from the past. We are actively working towards this,” he said.

“Just the day before yesterday, we had a meeting, and I instructed them to provide all accounts where money is being held. We will close the unnecessary ones and deactivate those that need to be. So, if anyone receives funds meant for Osun State-owned football clubs from abroad and deposits them into a private account, I will not take it lightly. I am stating this openly so that there can be no claims of victimization when the time for action comes,” he concluded.

Written by Isaac Sanyaolu, Blogger and football enthusiast with special interest in Osun State football