Player Profile: Adiat Sodiq Ayomide

Adiat Sodiq Ayomide
Adiat Sodiq Ayomide
Adiat Sodiq Ayomide
Full Name Adiat Sodiq Ayomide
Date of BirthDecember 25, 2005
State of OriginOsun State
Place of BirthIfe
PositionCentral Back
Preferred FootRight
Current ClubEkiti United
Adiat Sodiq Ayomide

Playing Career

Adiat Sodiq Ayomide, a young and promising Nigerian footballer, has already made significant strides in his career. He began his journey in the world of football by playing for various teams, showcasing his talent and dedication along the way:

  1. Osun FA: Adiat once played his football with Osun FA, where he honed his skills as a central defender.
  2. Knight FC: He continued to develop his abilities while playing for Knight FC, gaining valuable experience on the pitch.
  3. HMK Football Club: Ayomide’s journey led him to HMK Football Club, where he continued to make a name for himself in the Nigerian football scene.

Currently, Adiat Sodiq Ayomide has taken his talents to new heights by joining Ekiti United Football Club, a professional association football club based in Ekiti State. Ekiti United competes in the Nigeria National League, which is the second division of the Nigerian football league. Ayomide’s presence on the team adds depth and strength to their defensive lineup.

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Player Attributes

Adiat Sodiq Ayomide

Adiat Sodiq Ayomide possesses several notable attributes that make him a promising young talent:

  • Aerial Ability: Ayomide is exceptionally good in the air, making him a formidable presence during set-pieces and aerial duels.
  • Playmaking Skills: As a central defender, he is not limited to defensive duties alone. Ayomide has demonstrated his ability to play long and accurate passes, contributing to his team’s build-up play.
  • Reading of the Game: He excels at reading the flow of the game, allowing him to anticipate opponents’ moves and make timely interceptions.
  • Physical Strength: Ayomide’s physical prowess and strength on the field give him an advantage in one-on-one situations and battles for possession.
Adiat Sodiq Ayomide


  • Favorite Nigerian Coach: Fatai Osho
  • Favorite Foreign Coach: Carlo Ancelotti
  • Football Philosophy: Ayomide enjoys playing good football, emphasizing a style of play that focuses on skill, teamwork, and attractive football.
  • Role Model: Sergio Ramos, the legendary Spanish defender, serves as his role model and source of inspiration.

Adiat Sodiq Ayomide is undoubtedly a rising star in Nigerian football, and with his passion, skills, and dedication to the game, he is poised for a promising future in the world of football.