Put More Respect on Adegoke Qamar Wale’s Name! Igbajo United Striker’s Goal-Record is Truly Astonishing

The Nationwide League One (NLO), heralded as the largest grassroots league in the world with over 251 teams vying for the title each year, is known for its intense competition where strikers often struggle to find the back of the net. Then Adegoke Qamar Wale, “Qamar Qamar” as he’s popularly known came along – the striking sensation from Igbajo United Football Club.

In the recently concluded NLO season, Qamar scored an impressive 8 goals in 9 games, playing an important role in Igbajo United’s promotion to the Nigerian National League (NNL), the second-highest tier in Nigerian football after the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL).

The Osun-born striker’s stellar performance didn’t stop at scoring. His playmaking skills earned him an additional 2 assists, bringing his total goal contributions to 10 in 9 NLO matches. Qamar Qamar’s career thus far has been marked by one defining characteristic: goals. Making his debut for Igbajo United, he showed his ability to find the net with remarkable consistency.

Adegoke Qamar

Qamar Qamar embodies the quintessential centre-forward, blending strength, agility, aerial prowess, and the ability to score with both feet. His dynamic presence on the field filled a crucial role for Igbajo United, a role that had been vacant for two seasons. After an incredible debut season full of accolades and goals, Qamar helped his team secure promotion to the NNL.

To learn more about Adegoke Qamar Wale, or if you have any questions or wish to discuss his remarkable career, feel free to call or send a WhatsApp message to +2347031629234.

Respect must be given where it is due, and Qamar Qamar’s goal-scoring record deserves all the accolades and recognition.