SmartCity Osun State Football League Super 8 Player Spotlight: Adeyemi Quadri “Inabaka”

Adeyemi Quadri

Osun State is blessed with an unrivaled crop of top-quality players, and one standout talent is Adeyemi Quadri, also known as “Inabaka.” This young and dynamic player is rapidly emerging as one of the finest right-backs in Osun, showcased prominently in the SmartCity Osun State Football League.

Adeyemi Quadri

Adeyemi Quadri, who plays his club football with Nationwide League One (NLO) side, ASE Ridyem FC, Osogbo, is known for his explosive energy, blistering pace, and agility. As an attacking right-back with a solid understanding of the game, Quadri excels at pushing the ball forward and initiating attacks. His speed and dribbling abilities provide his team with essential width, making him a crucial creative outlet on the field.

Adeyemi Quadri

Quadri’s ability to advance up the pitch and support the attack, while still being able to recover defensively, sets him apart. His remarkable pace allows him to provide width on the attack single-handedly, and his skill in beating defenders and delivering precise crosses from the edge of the box makes him invaluable. Adeyemi has also demonstrated his goal-scoring ability, netting 3 goals in 7 SmartCity Osun State Football League games.

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Though his diminutive size of 5’5 and 128 lbs hinders his aerial abilities, what he lacks in height, he compensates for with outstanding pace and technical skill. In the recently concluded New Year Mega Lottery Nationwide League One (NLO) season, Quadri was a consistent presence for ASE Ridyem FC, playing almost every game. As a right-sided wingback for coach Azular’s team, Quadri was instrumental in both defense and attack. He effectively contained opposing wingers and prevented balls from entering the box, while also pushing forward to support his team’s offensive plays.

Quadri’s versatility extends to playing as an attacking left-back, where he has also excelled, scoring several goals for ASE Ridyem FC in the SmartCity Osun State Football League. On the pitch, Quadri exudes confidence in his technical ability, often charging past defenders and creating opportunities in the box. His crossing ability is top-notch, frequently delivering dangerous balls into the box for his teammates to capitalize on.

One of the aspects that make Quadri such a dynamic right-back is his capacity to provide width in attack. His combination of physical ability and technical prowess enables him to carve out danger on the right flank consistently.


Adeyemi Quadri Inabaka’s unique ability to carry the ball forward and provide width in the final third makes him an ideal choice for any top club needing a right-back with the technical prowess to break down deep defenses. With his sheer pace, explosive energy, and pinpoint crossing ability, it is only a matter of time before this talented player makes a move to a bigger club.