“The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has caused fear and uncertainty”- Koku Damilola, Bnot Netanya FC of Israel Player

Koku Damilola

In a recent exclusive interview conducted by tobexmedia.com, Nigerian female footballer Damilola Koku opened up about her experiences playing for Bnot Netanya FC in the Israeli league. The 21-year-old, who previously played for FK Gintra FC in Lithuania, shared her insights on life in Israel and the impact of the Israel-Hamas war on women’s football in the country.

When asked about life in Israel, Damilola expressed that while it was initially good, the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has caused fear and uncertainty among the residents. She emphasized that the situation has affected everyone, including the football community.

Comparing her current club to her previous one, Damilola highlighted the similarities in club life but noted differences in weather and the absence of UEFA Women’s Champions League participation in her new team.

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Regarding the impact of the war on football in Israel, Damilola revealed that many foreign players, including her teammates, had chosen to return to their home countries out of concern for their safety. This exodus of players understandably leaves a void in the team, but she expressed optimism that they would work hard to fill those gaps.

When asked about the last time she experienced football in Israel, Koku Damilola mentioned that the league has been put on hold for the time being due to the ongoing war. She said, “although we train occasionally, our training schedules has always been affected by the uncertain circumstances, with sessions being held only when security clearance is given.”

“The resumption of the league has been tentatively scheduled for the second week of December,” she added.

Coping with the situation amidst the conflict has been challenging for Damilola. She shared that although her location is relatively safe, she still feels the overall tension and impact of the war. “Initially, stores and businesses closed for fear of attacks, and although most have since reopened, some still operate with shortened hours,” she said.

Speaking about Nigerian footballers in Israel, Damilola revealed that she has not yet come across any in the country. As of now, she has not had the opportunity to meet any fellow Nigerian footballers during her time in Israel.

Koku Damilola’s interview sheds light on the unique challenges faced by women’s football in Israel amidst the ongoing conflict. Despite the difficulties, her determination and resilience shine through as she and her team navigate these uncertain times with the hope of getting back on the field soon.