The Inspiration Behind Osun United’s Defensive Midfield: Hammed Sultan Oladele’s Story

In a recent interview with Hammed Sultan Oladele, defensive midfielder for Osun United, Futball naija correspondents were able to learn about his childhood experience and football journey. Hammed, also known as Kante, grew up in the Ikotun Egbe area of Lagos State and developed a passion for football at a very young age. This led to him being enrolled in various football development clubs in Lagos.

Hammed Sultan
Hammed Sultan

Hammed began his journey at City Stars FC of Lagos before moving on to Oriowo FC of Lagos. He then went on to play for several grassroots football clubs such as Abarowei FC Lagos, Nissi FC Lagos, Madiba FC Oshodi, Lagos, and Tiki Taka International FC Abuja. His first professional contract came with Joy Cometh FC of Lagos during the 2021/2022 Nigerian National League (NNL) season.

The NNL is the second-highest overall league in the Nigerian football league system, comprising 46 clubs. Following his time with Joy Cometh FC, Hammed had a brief trial in Belarus with Malorita FC. However, things didn’t work out as planned, and he subsequently moved to Muhazi United in Rwanda, where he also faced challenges.

Now back in Nigeria, Hammed has joined forces with Osun United football Club and will be playing in the upcoming 2023/2024 Nigerian National League (NNL) season. Despite being compared to players like Lassana Diarra, Marco Verrati, and Kante himself, Hammed asserts that he has his own unique style and approach to the game, often referred to as doing the “dirty work” like running, fetching, and retrieving possession.

When asked about the competition for places in the team, Hammed acknowledged that there is a lot of competition, especially in his defensive midfield role. He expressed his determination to give his best and earn his spot in the team.

Regarding Coach Seye Ajayi, Hammed spoke highly of him, remarking on his reputation and the loyalty he inspires in the players. He mentioned that the coach cares deeply about the players’ welfare and is willing to go the extra mile, even providing foodstuff and treating them like family.

In terms of their prospects for gaining promotion to the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL), Hammed believes that Osun United FC has what it takes.

He emphasized the importance of unity and motivation, highlighting Coach Oluseye’s role in keeping the team focused and inspired. Hammed’s admiration for the coach’s dedication to the players’ welfare is shared by many others in the team, which further motivates them to give their all and work towards success.

Below are photos of Osun United’s Hammed Sultan against Ikorodu United FC in Lagos

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