New Osun Babes Team Manager, Wole Animasahun, Discusses Expectations, Pressure, and Team Strengths in Exclusive Interview with Futball Naija

Wole Animasahun

Futball Naija recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Wole Animasahun, the new Team Manager of Osun Babes FC, a championship side in the NWFL (Nigeria Women’s Football League). During the interview, Mr. Animasahun shared his expectations for the team, addressed the pressure they will face this season, highlighted their strengths and weaknesses, and expressed his message to the fans.

New Osun Babes Team Manager, Wole Animasahun
New Osun Babes Team Manager, Wole Animasahun.

What to Expect:

When asked about what to expect from the team under his leadership, Mr. Animasahun emphasized the importance of discipline and the goal of securing promotion to the NWFL Premiership. He acknowledged that success won’t come easily, but with the help of God, government support, and a dedicated backroom staff, he believes they will achieve their objectives. He also assured that player welfare will be a priority, promising good welfare for both the players and his co-workers.

The Pressure that Comes with the Job:

Inevitably, the team will face high expectations this season, and when questioned about how he intends to handle the pressure, Mr. Animasahun acknowledged its existence and the challenges it brings. With a clean and open mind, he expressed confidence in overcoming the pressure. He recognized that criticism, both positive and negative, will come their way, but remains focused on delivering results and relieving the pressure. Mr. Animasahun expressed gratitude for the support they have received thus far from fans, the government, and philanthropists.

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The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Team:

Regarding the team’s strengths and weaknesses, Mr. Animasahun identified the need for better players as their greatest weakness, which they are actively trying to address. Additionally, the lack of a training facility poses a challenge for the team. However, he mentioned that efforts are underway by the government to secure a facility soon. On the positive side, the team’s strength lies in the support they have received from various sources, including fans, the government, and philanthropists.

Issue of Camp Facility for the girl:

Addressing the issue of camping for the girls, Mr. Animasahun emphasized his commitment to their comfort and welfare. He mentioned that he has opened a second building for the players and stressed the importance of having everyone live in the camp. He also mentioned that the government is working to secure an alternative camp facility after the Iragbiji saga.

Message to the Fans:

Finally, Mr. Animasahun had a message for the fans and supporters. He acknowledged their importance in football and divided them into three categories: negative fans, neutral fans, and positive fans. He discouraged negative fans who exploit the girls or hinder the team’s progress, calling for a change in their behavior. He praised positive fans who provide encouragement, support, and helpful advice to the team, expressing his appreciation for their contribution. His message to all fans was one of hope and gratitude, as he believes that their collective efforts, with God’s help and government support, will lead to eventual promotion to the NWFL.

Final Thoughts

As the new Team Manager, Mr. Wole Animasahun is dedicated to leading Osun Babes to success while instilling discipline and ensuring the team’s welfare. With the support of fans, the government, and their backroom staff, the team is hopeful for a successful championship season in February.