Celebrating a Decade of Impact: Seyi Akinkunmi Reflects on Remarkable Growth of “Seyi Akinkunmi Charity Foundation”

Seyi Akinkunmi Charity Foundation

In a heartwarming celebration of a decade’s worth of commitment and impact, Barrister Seyi Akinwunmi, the Former First Vice Chairman of the NFF and immediate past Chairman of the Lagos Football Association, expressed overwhelming gratitude to God for the success of the Seyi Akinwunmi Charity Foundation’s 10th edition mini-football tournament.

Seyi Akinkunmi Charity Foundation

The event, held at the iconic Maracana stadium in Ajegun, Lagos, on the 29th of December 2023, marked a significant milestone for a foundation that has far exceeded its initial aims.

Reflecting on the journey since the foundation’s inception, Barrister Akinwunmi shared, “Honestly, the project has taken a life of its own, it is flowing.” The annual event, which initially catered to children in Lagos, has evolved into a nationwide initiative, reaching places like Gombe, Enugu, Ogun State, Maiduguri, Borno State, and Kwara State.

Seyi Akinkunmi Charity Foundation

The foundation has become a beacon of hope for children from various regions, bringing them together through the universal language of football.

Beyond the football tournament, the foundation has seamlessly integrated its mission into a broader educational initiative. Barrister Akinwunmi revealed, “Some of our children, which we discovered here, were put into full scholarship with accommodation.”

Recognizing the financial challenges faced by some children and their families, the foundation provides grants and directly pays school fees to ensure that education is not a hindrance to their dreams. Last year, 60 children benefited from this support, and this year, we helped 20.

One notable aspect of the foundation’s approach is its commitment to transparency. Barrister Akinwunmi emphasized, “Our project is transparent, it is public.”

By not naming the beneficiaries, the foundation aims to protect the privacy and dignity of the children it supports. This approach ensures that the impact is the focus, rather than any potential leverage or gain for the foundation itself.

When asked about his satisfaction with the current state of football in Lagos, given his past role as the Chairman of the Lagos State Football Association, Barrister Akinwunmi remained focused on growth. He remarked, “If we are satisfied, then there is a problem.”

Despite acknowledging the challenges faced by the sport, he stressed the need for continuous improvement, echoing his longstanding commitment to the growth of football in Lagos, a city synonymous with football excellence in Nigeria.