NFF General Secretary Dr. Mohammed Sanusi Thumbs up Federal Government for their Exceptional Support to the Super Eagles

The General Secretary of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Dr. Mohammed Sanusi clarified the issues surrounding the match bonuses of the Nigerian national team players after their victory over Angola in the ongoing 2023 AFCON in Cote d’Ivoire.

Dr. Sanusi began by expressing gratitude to the federal government of Nigeria for their unprecedented support. He commended the government for not only approving funds for competitions but also clearing some of the backlogs, not just for the Super Eagles, but for other Nigerian national teams as well.

He continued by acknowledging the efforts of the Minister of Sports in ensuring the timely release of funds. Dr. Sanusi mentioned that the players had already received their daily allowances and qualification bonuses, which amounted to $30,000 each. The qualification bonus was chosen over a winning bonus, reflecting the team’s focus on securing qualification to the next round.

Dr. Sanusi assured the press that the NFF had paid the money to the Central Bank of Nigeria and had followed up to ensure the timely transfer of funds to the players. However, he noted that he was yet to confirm whether the players had received their alerts. He emphasized that the CBN was responsible for making the payments, and the players notifying him would be an indication that the funds had been received.

Regarding the remaining bonuses, Dr. Sanusi stated that they would be distributed on a match-by-match basis. The NFF had already dealt with the bonuses for the previous match and had sent the relevant documentation to the CBN for processing. The Secretary clarified that players usually did not inform him directly when they received their alerts, as it was the CBN’s responsibility to transfer the funds.

Dr. Sanusi also highlighted the motivating factors behind the Super Eagles’ excellent performance. While money was undoubtedly a motivating factor, he emphasized that the players were not impoverished. Their commitment to representing their country and the desire to make amends for previous disappointments were the primary drivers behind their dedication and exceptional performances.

In terms of the significance of the team’s success for Nigerian football, Dr. Sanusi mentioned that it would bring great joy to the country. Winning such a prestigious trophy under the current government would be a momentous achievement. Additionally, he highlighted the unifying power of football, as it transcended ethnic and religious divides, bringing Nigerians together in support of their national team.

Dr. Sanusi further explained that football’s positive impact extended beyond unity. Historically, crime rates decreased during international competitions involving Nigerian teams, as even criminals would be engrossed in watching the matches. Therefore, continued success on the football field could contribute to a more peaceful and unified nation.

To conclude, Dr. Sanusi reiterated that the qualification bonus of $10,000 per match was applicable to the first round of matches. If the Super Eagles progressed further, they would receive additional bonuses accordingly. However, if they were eliminated, the qualification bonus would be their final payment.