Sportlight Hub’s Team of the Week: Vendrezzer Goalkeeper Peter Etim Feature in NNL’s best XI Following Outstanding Week 18 Display

Vendrezzer Football Club were finally back in Nigerian National League action last weekend after a controversial week and goalkeeper Péter Etim, played well enough to be included in Sportlight Hub’s team of the week.

Vendrezzer Goalkeeper Peter Etim

In nervy game against Dakkada FC at the Uyo township stadium, Vendrezzer FC’s goalkeeper, Péter Etim, displayed his exceptional goalkeeping ability between the sticks, earning himself a well-deserved Sportlight Hub Man of the Match award and subsequently a spot on the Sportlight Hub Nigerian National League’s best XI of week 18.

Facing relentless attacks from the opposition, Etim remained unfazed, delivering a stellar performance that earned him the prestigious Man of the Match award. With five remarkable saves under his belt, including a jaw-dropping penalty stop in the 75th minute, Etim proved to be the ultimate guardian of the goal.

What makes this achievement even more remarkable is the backdrop of challenges faced by Vendrezzer Football Club in recent times. Despite adversity, Etim and his teammates displayed unwavering determination, securing a crucial point away from home.

If Etim can keep his head among the bright lights of Nigerian football and not get carried away with it all, there is no telling what he could achieve.

As Vendrezzer FC continues to navigate through obstacles, they can find solace in knowing they have a guardian angel in the form of Péter Etim, ready to rise to the occasion when called upon.