4th Ibidapo Ibikunle Football Championship: These teams have qualified for the semi-finals of Under 16 Category

Ibidapo Ibikunle Football Championship

The quarter-final matches of the Under 16 Category in the 4th Ibidapo Ibikunle Football Championship brought intense action and thrilling moments, ultimately determining the semi-finalists for this year’s edition.

Here are the results:

  • Young Shall Grow Ifon 2 vs. 2 Excel Junior FC Osogbo (Excel Junior FC won 5-4 on penalties)
  • Ola Daddy FC ILOBU 0 vs. 0 City Roller FC Osogbo (Ola Daddy FC ILOBU won 4-2 on penalties)
  • TSO FC Osogbo 3 vs. 1 Hamzainab FC Osogbo
  • Osun Perfect FC Osogbo 1 vs. 3 YSF Warriors FC Osogbo

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Congratulations to our semi-finalists:

  1. Excel Junior FC Osogbo
  2. Ola Daddy FC ILOBU
  3. TSO FC Osogbo
  4. YSF Warriors FC Osogbo
Ibidapo Ibikunle Football
Excel Junior FC Osogbo
Ola Daddy FC ILOBU
Ibidapo Ibikunle Football
TSO FC Osogbo.
YSF Warriors FC Osogbo

The competition has reached a fever pitch, and the stage is set for exhilarating clashes as these talented teams vie for the coveted championship title. Stay tuned and watch this space for more updates as the Ibidapo Ibikunle Football Championship Under 16 Category progresses towards its thrilling conclusion.