Adegoke Qamar Wale, the Driving Force Behind Igbajo United’s Formidable Presence in the NLO

Adegoke Qamar Wale
Adegoke Qamar wale
Adegoke Qamar Wale (Right) vs Karamba FC.
NameAdegoke Qamar Wale
Nickname Ishana
Preferred FootBoth
Previous ClubsInternational De Zamora FC, EMD Aceuchal (Spain)
Current ClubIgbajo United Football Club
Current LeagueNationwide League One (NLO), Nigeria


In the bustling football community of Osogbo, there’s a name that resonates deeply among enthusiasts – Adegoke Qamar Wale (Qamar Qamar), popularly known as “Ishana.” Already a household name, Ishana’s journey this season suggests that we may just be witnessing the emergence of his peak years. His unwavering consistency for Igbajo United Football Club in the New Year Mega Lottery Nationwide League One (NLO), Osogbo Center, has catapulted him to the forefront as one of the most prolific players in Osun State.

Returning from a brief yet impactful stint with Spanish clubs International De Zamora and EMD Aceuchal, Ishana has undergone a remarkable transformation. Evolving from a tricky attacker into a world-class striker, he now stands as the linchpin of Igbajo United’s attacking prowess. His knack for finding the back of the net consistently has elevated him to the status of the team’s top scorer, showcasing his pivotal role in their success.

Adegoke Qamar Wale’s second goal versus ASE Ridyem FC in the NLO.

Crucial to the sensational form of Igbajo United, Qamar’s contributions extend far beyond goal-scoring. His aggressive counter-pressing, seamless synchronization with teammates, and tireless work ethic epitomize his dedication to executing Coach Omoniyi Muideen’s game plan. As a result, Qamar has become the driving force behind Igbajo United’s formidable presence in the Nationwide League One, leading the charge with his relentless pursuit of excellence on the pitch.

Join us as we delve deeper into the remarkable journey of Adegoke Qamar Wale, a rising star poised to leave an indelible mark on the football landscape of Osun State and beyond.

A Snapshot of Qamar’s Stats with Spanish side International De Zamora FC

Tactical Analysis

Qamar’s speed is unquestionably one of his biggest strengths. Without the ball, his explosiveness is key to Igbajo United’s suffocating high press, and the aggression and dynamism of his movement in the final third helps create goalscoring chances for his team through turnovers high up the pitch.

When he has the ball, he is extremely capable in one-on-one situations and can glide past opponents with ease because he is so fast. Additionally, his acceleration is so good that he can reach full speed so quickly. He is also very agile, and able to change direction and move infield at speed before making passes to combine with teammates and provide a direct threat on goal even from outside the box.

Qamar uses the aforementioned qualities to forge brief windows in which to shoot at goal. He shifts his balance impressively quickly to create a sight of goal and, given he requires very little backlift to generate significant power in his shots, he usually gets a clean shot and defenders find it very difficult to block them.

Qamar’s goals return has improved significantly during the ongoing Nationwide League One (NLO) in Osogbo Center, scoring 4 goals in 4 games to help his team to the top of the table and setting them up for imminent promotion Play-offs.

He is at his most threatening running at defenders without fear. He has evolved from supporting striker into a forward who is consistently potent in central areas, often one making runs through the middle beyond their most advanced attacker.

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Role for Igbajo United FC

Aside from goal scoring, Part of what makes Qamar so dangerous is that he is still very much a threat when he moves towards the touchline or into midfield – and supposedly away from danger. If he is tracked by a center-back he has the ability to skip past that opponent or make a clever pass into the space he has vacated for fellow danger men, Olawoye Idowu or Dauda Okini to run on to.

If the opposing defenders don’t follow him, Qamar runs at that defender at pace. He then either attempts to dribble past his opponent or plays intricate, lightning-quick one-two combinations, usually with Olawoye Idowu, to try and find a way through a deep block and in behind. Those combinations are a familiar sight at Osogbo Township Stadium, and have become a crucial aspect of what has made Igbajo United’s team so dangerous.


Qamar’s strengths lie in his ability to influence various aspects of the game, making him a valuable asset for Igbajo United Football Club.

He demonstrates remarkable vision and creativity, averaging 1.2 key passes per match. His ability to thread precise passes into dangerous areas unlocks scoring opportunities for his teammates, contributing to the team’s attacking threat.

Solid Dribbling Success:
With a solid dribbling success rate of 0.8 out of 1.9 attempts per game, Qamar showcases exceptional ball control and agility. His adeptness at dribbling past opponents enables him to navigate through tight defensive lines and create space for himself and his teammates.

High-Pressing Intensity:
Qamar’s work rate off the ball is exemplary, as he presses high up the pitch to force turnovers. His impressive average of 0.66 interceptions per 90 minutes places him in the 98th percentile, highlighting his defensive contribution and ability to disrupt opponents’ build-up play.

Ball Recovery Efficiency:
A relentless competitor, Qamar excels in winning back possession for his team, averaging 3.10 ball recoveries per 90 minutes. His tenacity and determination enable him to regain control of the ball and launch swift counter-attacks, transitioning seamlessly from defense to attack.

Versatile Shooting Range:
Qamar possesses the confidence to strike from anywhere on the pitch, averaging 3.3 shots per match. Whether inside or outside the penalty area, he poses a constant threat to the opposition goal, showcasing his versatility and unpredictability in attack.

Wale spotted in No. 9 jersey. Great movement and passing.