NPFL: Enyimba Slapped with Hefty Fine and Point Deduction After Oriental Derby Walkout

Enyimba International FC of Aba has been hit hard by the NPFL following their actions during the recent “Oriental Derby” against Enugu Rangers. The club has been fined a staggering N10 million and docked three points for a series of offenses committed during the match which was held at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, Enugu, on June 9, 2024.

The NPFL cited several violations by Enyimba, including failing to ensure the proper conduct of their team, disrupting the live broadcast, throwing objects onto the field, encroachment onto the field, and causing the disruption and discontinuation of the match. Specifically, the team walked off the pitch in protest after Rangers were awarded a late penalty.

Oriental Derby

The breakdown of the fines imposed on Enyimba includes:

  1. ₦1 million for failing to ensure proper conduct.
  2. ₦5 million for disrupting a live broadcast.
  3. ₦1 million for throwing objects onto the field.
  4. ₦1 million for encroachment onto the field.
  5. ₦2 million for causing the disruption and discontinuation of the match.

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Additionally, Enyimba is required to produce identified players Eze Ekwutoziam, Chibuike Nwaiwu, and Akanni Elijah, among others, for further investigation and potential sanctions. The club has been given 48 hours to either accept the summary jurisdiction and sanctions or opt for a disciplinary panel hearing.

Here’s what the NPFL table looks like after 3 Points was awarded to Enugu Rangers Following Oriental Derby Incident.

This incident will have a significant impact on Enyimba’s title aspirations. The loss of points and the hefty fine are a major setback for the club. This serves as a strong reminder of the importance of maintaining sportsmanship and adhering to league regulations.

Below is a copy of the letter sent to Enyimba Int’l FC of Aba;

Oriental Derby
Oriental Derby