Rilwan Sadiq – Nigeria | Player Profile

Rilwan Sadiq
Rilwan Sadiq
Rilwan Sadiq
NameRilwan Sadiq
Date Of Birth01 – 03 – 2003
PositionAttacking Midfielder
Place of Birth Ibadan
Current ClubAkwa United Football Club
Squad Number7

Rilwan Sadiq: A Brief Biography

Rilwan Sadiq, a Nigerian professional footballer, currently plays as a central midfielder for Akwa United Football Club, a Nigerian football club located in Uyo, Nigeria. He possesses versatility in his playing position, being able to excel as an attacking midfielder, operate on the wings, and even contribute as a supporting striker, depending on the situation.

Rilwan Sadiq
Rilwan Sadiq in the colours of Akwa United Football Club during a Naija Super 8 showdown with Lobi Stars.

Sadiq’s diligent work ethic is evident on the field, and his exceptional speed and strength make him a formidable threat on the counter attack. His skillful and creative style of play often catches immediate attention, and he demonstrates proficiency in both playmaking and scoring goals. Additionally, he is well-regarded for his ability to provide assists.

Early Life

Rilwan Sadiq was born on March 1, 2003, in Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State. Oyo State is the fourth largest state economy in Nigeria and the second largest non-oil state economy in the country after Lagos state.

Rilwan Sadiq

Growing up, Rilwan was part of a football family. His father, Coach Sodiq, also known as Al-Qurani, had a successful football career during his youth and played for various club sides in Ibadan.

From a very young age, Rilwan developed a passion for football. In 2009, he moved to Osogbo, the capital of Osun State along with his dad. There, he joined several grassroots teams and began showcasing his talent on the field. His skills didn’t go unnoticed, and scouts from Ikorodu United recognized his potential.

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Club Career

After excelling in grassroots football in Osun State, Rilwan was snapped up by Ikorodu United and taken to Lagos, where he played in the Nigerian National League (NNL). Following a few seasons with Ikorodu United in the second-tier league, he quickly secured a position with Go Round Football Club, a team based in Omoku, Rivers State, Nigeria, to play in the top-tier league known as the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL).

Rilwan Sadiq
Rilwan Sadiq

During the 2018/2019 season in the Nigerian professional football league, Rilwan played a total of 22 matches, scoring 3 goals and providing 4 assists. Despite his impressive stats, they were not enough to prevent Go Round FC from being relegated that season. However, his contributions at Go Round FC did not go unnoticed, and he was subsequently recruited by Sunshine Stars Football Club, based in Akure, to play in the highest division of Nigerian football, the Nigerian Premier League, for the 2019/2020 season.

Unfortunately, Rilwan’s playing time at Akure was limited due to injury. Nonetheless, after recovering, he left Sunshine Stars FC and joined Osun United Football Club to compete in the second division of Nigerian football, the Nigerian National League (NNL). Returning to his best form, Rilwan has now been signed by Akwa United Football Club, a Nigerian team based in Uyo, ahead of the 2023/2024 NPFL season.

Rilwan Sadiq’s Style of Play

Rilwan Sadiq, the newest addition to Akwa United, is a master both “on the ball” and “off the ball,” much like his idol Cristiano Ronaldo. This resemblance has earned him the nickname RS7. Rilwan possesses the remarkable ability to effortlessly control the ball. He is a hardworking player with exceptional speed and strength, making him a dangerous threat on the counter-attack.

Rilwan Sadiq
Rilwan Sadiq

Furthermore, he is a complete player who demonstrates proficiency with both feet and headers. His shooting skills exhibit a wide range, regardless of whether he uses his left or right foot, which sets him apart. Rilwan is known for his silky playing style, characterized by impressive skills and deft touches. Technically gifted, he excels in reading the game. Not only is he a proficient goal scorer, but he also possesses the ability to provide great assists. Additionally, he seamlessly integrates into any team he joins.

Player Attributes

Rilwan Sadiq
Rilwan Sadiq
  • Shot accuracy: Rilwan demonstrates exceptional precision when shooting.
  • Great positioning: He has a keen sense of where to be on the field to maximize his impact.
  • Speed (Impressive pace and athleticism): He possesses remarkable speed and athleticism, making him a force to be reckoned with.
  • Through Pass specialist: His expertise lies in executing precise through passes.
  • Great Dribbler: He excels at dribbling, showcasing excellent control and technique.
  • Shot Power: Rilwan possesses significant power when taking shots.
  • Vision: His exceptional vision allows him to anticipate and execute passes with accuracy.
  • Work rate: He consistently demonstrate high levels of effort and commitment on the field.
  • Free kick specialist: He is particularly skilled at taking free kicks.