Player Profile: Koku Oluwadamilola Iyabo

Koku Oluwadamilola
Full NameKoku Oluwadamilola Iyabo
Date of Birth16th June 2002
Place of BirthIsheu Epinmi, Akoko South East
Preferred FootRight
State of OriginOndo State
Previous ClubsPelican Star FC (Calabar), Sunshine Queen’s FC (Ondo State), Confluence Queen’s FC (Kogi State), Osun Babes FC (Osun State), Ibom Angel’s FC (Akwa Ibom), Rivers Angels FC (Rivers State), FK Gintra FC (Lithuania), Bayelsa Queen’s FC (Bayelsa State).
Current Club: Bnot Netanya FC (Israel)

Koku Oluwadamilola Iyabo’s journey from a small village to playing professional football in Europe is an inspiring story of determination, hard work, and unwavering passion for the beautiful game. With her aspirations set high, she is undoubtedly a rising star to watch out for in the world of football.

Koku Oluwadamilola Iyabo
Koku Oluwadamilola Iyabo

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Childhood Memories

Koku’s childhood was filled with dedication to her family. Despite her love for football, she spent much of her time supporting her mother, who was her primary caregiver. Growing up in a small family with her late cousin brother, Koku had limited opportunities for play.

How Her Football Journey Began

Koku’s football journey started during her primary school days when she joined boys to play soccer during break periods. As the only girl playing, she faced societal skepticism, especially from her mother. However, her late father’s support eventually allowed her to participate in a competition held in Akure. This opportunity opened doors for her, and she is proud to say her mother is now her biggest supporter.

What She Likes Most About Herself

Koku loves her personality, which is characterized by hard work, determination, and a passionate commitment to football.

Her Biggest Achievement

Playing in Europe is Koku’s proudest and biggest achievement so far.

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Describing Her Style of Play

Koku Oluwadamilola Iyabo
Koku Oluwadamilola Iyabo

Koku describes herself as a hard worker who always gives her best on the field. She is passionate about football, values teamwork, and aims to score goals and secure victories for her team.

Favorite Teammate

Koku admires Famuditi Oluwakemi and Barnabas Blessing as teammates who have consistently believed in her, regardless of the situation.

How She Wants to Be Remembered

Koku’s aspiration is to make a difference in the world of football.

Keys to Success as a Football Player

She emphasizes that success in football requires prayers, hard work, dedication, discipline, focus, tolerance, endurance, and more.

What She Likes Most About Playing Football

Football brings happiness to Koku’s life, and she has a deep passion for the sport.

Greatest Strengths as a Football Player

Photo Credit: Tobex Media.

Her strengths include speed, powerful shots, and her jumping ability.

Admired Teams and Why

Koku admires Barcelona FC for their technical prowess, speed, teamwork, and their unwavering commitment to winning.

Rating the Israeli League

She rates the Israeli league as strong and fast-paced.

Greatest Dream as a Player

Koku’s ultimate dream is to win the World Cup for her country, Nigeria.

Playing for the National Team

When asked if she believes she has what it takes to play for the national team, Koku confidently responds with a resounding “YES.”

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