Player Profile: Oyedokun Tosin Ezekiel

Oyedokun Tosin Ezekiel
NameOyedokun Tosin Ezekiel
Date of Birth July 23
Place of BirthIfon Osun
State of Origin Osun State
Nationality Nigerian
Previous Clubs3FC Ifon Osun, Wasiu Alabelewe IFON OSUN, Destiny Football Club, Lagos
Preferred FootLeft
Oyedokun Tosin Ezekiel

Playing Attributes

  • Passing: Excellent
  • Strength: Excellent
  • Dribble: Very Good
  • Speed: Very Good
  • Shoot: Excellent


Oyedokun Tosin Ezekiel

Oyedokun Tosin Ezekiel, born on July 23 some years ago, in Ifon Osun, Nigeria, is a highly skilled left-footed attacking midfielder currently showcasing his talents at IKORODU CITY . From his early footballing days, Tosin’s playing style drew early comparisons to Mesut Özil, demonstrating exceptional comfort with the ball.

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Playing Style

Oyedokun Tosin Ezekiel

Tosin’s attacking prowess is notable, marked by excellent passing accuracy and a keen eye for crucial plays. He excels in ground duels, showcasing both offensive and defensive capabilities. His ability to retain possession under pressure is outstanding, contributing to the team’s overall control of the game.


While predominantly a left-footed player, Tosin displays versatility by drifting towards the right side when playing as a central attacking midfielder (CAM). This strategic movement is not just for individual play but often results in well-executed passes, adding a dynamic dimension to his role on the field.

Last season, while playing in the Nigerian National League (NNL) for his club, Ikorodu City, he shot a lot more, and he scored a bunch of goals.

Defensive Skills

Beyond his attacking contributions, Tosin has proven his mettle in defensive midfield roles. His well-rounded skill set allows him to contribute effectively in multiple areas of the pitch, making him a valuable asset in various tactical setups.

Oyedokun Tosin Ezekiel stands out as a technically gifted and versatile midfielder, adept at influencing the game through precise passing, strong defensive contributions, and goal-scoring capabilities. His adaptability and football intelligence make him an asset for IKORODU CITY as they aim for success in the Nigerian National League this season.

Watch the beautiful goal scored by Tosin for his club:

Watch out for Tosin as he continues to make a mark in Nigerian football with his exceptional skills and dedication to the sport.