Nigerian/Osun United fc Player Profile: Chika Chukwuka Kelvin

Chika Chukwuka Kelvin
Chika Chukwuka Kelvin
Chika Chukwuka Kelvin.
NameChika Chukwuka Kelvin
Date of Birth3rd July 2004
State of OriginEnugu State
PositionsAttacking Midfielder (Centre, Left, Right), Forward
Preferred FootBoth Legs
Previous ClubsRangers Feeders Team, Flying Sport Academy
Current ClubOsun United

Player Overview

Chika Chukwuka Kelvin

Chika Chukwuka Kelvin, born on July 3, 2004, hails from Enugu State, Nigeria. This talented midfielder and forward, standing at 183cm, currently plays for Osun United Football Club. Kelvin’s football journey began in Enugu state, where he spent his formative years.

Tactical Analysis

Chika Chukwuka Kelvin

Kelvin’s versatility is a key asset for Osun United, as he adeptly plays as an attacking midfielder in central, left, and right positions, showcasing a modern number 10 style. His positional intelligence and ability to exploit spaces make him a valuable asset in various roles.

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In-Game Characteristics: Strengths

  1. Crossing: Kelvin possesses a strong ability to deliver accurate crosses into the box.
  2. Key Passes: He demonstrates proficiency in creating key passes, contributing to the team’s offensive plays.
  3. Holding on to the Ball: Kelvin displays strength in ball retention, maintaining possession effectively.

Style of Play

Chika Chukwuka Kelvin
  1. Likes to Play Long Balls: Kelvin exhibits a preference for playing long balls, adding variety to the team’s attacking strategies.
  2. Indirect Set-Piece Threat: His skills pose a threat during indirect set-pieces, offering additional scoring opportunities.
  3. Likes to Dribble: Kelvin is confident in taking on opponents with his dribbling abilities.
  4. Likes to Shoot from Distance: He is not shy about attempting shots from distance, showcasing his confidence in long-range efforts.

Analysis and Future Prospects

Kelvin’s adaptability, creative playmaking, and ability to navigate tight defensive areas make him a valuable asset for Osun United. While he may currently be used in various roles, his potential as a young “Modern #10” is evident. As Osun United aims for success in the upcoming 2023/2024 Nigeria National League season, Kelvin’s contributions will be pivotal in their pursuit of promotion to the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL).

Watch Kelvin Play for Osun United against HMK Football Club in 2023 Nationwide League One (NLO).